Join the Notion Team on a journey through our Spotify Wrapped highlights - from the iconic to the questionable...

It’s December 1st and that can only mean one thing, Spotify Wrapped Season is upon us. Arguably more important than the start of advent, it’s the time to reflect on the musical year gone by. It’s a scary time where the data doesn’t lie: we know you said you’ve been listening to Kendrick, but why are ABBA making your top five?


Whether you streamed Taylor’s new album more than you’d like to admit, or got really into K-Trap, over at Notion HQ we can relate. In the midst of our team, we certainly represent musical variety. Highlights include an appearance from Elton John and Miley Cyrus, a certain editor listening to over 65,000 minutes, and tunes to leave you wondering, ‘are they okay?’.


Keep reading to find out the Notion Team Spotify Wrapped highlights; who knows, maybe Sugababes topped your song list too?

Isabelle — Junior Digital Editor


“I’m happy to kick off the list by admitting I clearly just really love Holly Humberstone. Sad-girls-hours forever. If you’re gonna commit, surely you might as well be in the top 0.05%?”

Anna — Graphic Designer


“No Shame. ‘Town’s Dead’ was my top album in 2021 too and I still love it. Underrated album.”

Rosie — Managing Editor


“Sugababes was the best comeback of the year and the only ones we wanted to see get back together in 2022 (don’t text your ex this Christmas).”


Anthony — Partnerships Manager


“It’s all about keeping things fresh! How do I manage to stay down with the kids do you ask? Spotify Discover is the key.”


Liam — Creative Assistant


“I was in a K-Trap for 896 minutes this year and I loved every second of it. His joint tape with Blade Brown was one of my favourite releases from 2022.”


Laviea — Editorial Assistant


“I’m really surprised that Craig David has snook his way into my top five, but I love UK garage and he is the epitome of it. Elton John being my top song was not expected either.”

Sunayah — Freelance Editor/Producer


“Like most of the UK, Burna Boy had me in a chokehold this year with ‘Last Last’. Not sure what sparked the ‘Moi…Lolita’ phase but tbh that song is iconic.”


Matthew — Graphic Design Assistant


“I started listening to George Harrison at the start of the year and found his voice very therapeutic which was perfect for the January blues!”

Listen to Team Notion's Spotify Wrapped below: