Portland native, Sarah Tromley, unleashes her woozy new single “One Step”.

Sarah Tromley’s debut EP “Higher Than the Hills” is all about embracing her own sexuality, and the transformations and struggles that encompasses. Alongside Grammy-winning producer Vic Wainstein, the LA-based artist creates a composite sound, combining electronically heightened vocals, rushing synths, and elements of hip-hop and R&B.

For her latest, “One Step”, which features on her fresh new EP, Tromley fuses a trip-hop backbeat, candid vocals, murky synths, and even a trace of rap. The hazy single is one to get lost in.

Speaking on the new single, Tromley has said: “The track was inspired by the first time I went all the way with another girl. A very vulnerable experience where both of us were at ease with the vibes of the moment. It’s a song about exploring sexual experiences. Giving yourself permission to let go, while giving your partner permission to take control.”

With her vulnerable and immersive 6-song project, Sarah Tromley is set to entice some exciting new collaborations.

Listen to "One Step" below:

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