Californian based artist JIG LeFrost paints a harrowing picture of a world in crisis on his self-produced single, 'Outside', and we get a first look at the video game-inspired track.

JIG LeFrost effortlessly takes the listener on a twisted and distorted journey on ‘Outside’ with its nostalgic synth beats and warped vocals. Leaving no stone turned, every beat and vocal placement is designed to leave you feeling slightly uneasy as you anticipate what’s around the corner.


Speaking on this fantastical world LeFrost has crafted with his soundscape, the artist revealed, “It’s a manifestation of that unsettling feeling you get in your stomach when you know something terrible has happened”.


JIG LeFrost’s music is a reflection of life’s extremes experiences, and with his EP ‘Welcome To The Crisis’ set for imminent release, ‘Outside’ is a heavenly embodiment of the emotive artistry that LeFrost explodes with.


We get an exciting first look at the almost haunting track below.