Masked band The Hour dive head-first in 2020 where they lift the veil in their deeply vulnerable and emotive new track 'Overdue'.

Landing firmly at the intersection of alternative and pop music is the masked heroes, The Hour, with their latest track ‘Overdue’.


Embedded within the track’s DNA is the prolific battle of light versus darkness, where ultimately hope and recovery reigns supreme as The Hour dive into the deep end. Dealing with life’s traumas in all their heaviness is never an easy task, but The Hour’s incredibly honest and deeply personal lyricism on top of their haunting melodies washes a wave of hope over you.


‘Overdue’ tackles a deeply tragic experience of The Hour’s frontman suffering a miscarriage with his partner. Speaking on the track, Josh of  The Hour revealed, “Overdue is about losing a child before it’s born. It’s about longing for something so badly for so long, only for it to be lost before it ever comes to pass. It’s about love & hope and trying to move forward as best we can.”


Listening to the track with it’s tender yet building production and emotive vocals leaves ultimately a bittersweet feeling after listening, however, it’s the hopeful spirit within the track’s core that leaves you inspired.


Dig into the beautiful track by The Hour below and keep your eyes peeled for ‘Father’ released on the 27th of March.