New York artist Paul Pfeiffer’s new exhibit turns his eye to Justin Bieber and the perhaps unholy adoration of pop stars by fans.

Are you a Belieber? A current London exhibition from Honolulu-born artist Paul Pfeiffer may just be your perfect day out.


Taking the tattooed Canadian musician as his muse, Pfeiffer has re-captured Justin Bieber’s physical essence in the form of wood carvings, styled like Catholic idols. ‘Incarnator’ explores the fandom behind the revered pop star which elevates him to deity-like status.

Bieber’s uncannily realistic torso – tattooed with ‘Son of God’ – and glossy, cherubic head are two sculptures on display, along with incarnations of devout followers: a hand gripping a camera, and another holding an audio recorder. ‘Incarnator’ is also a multimedia exhibit, with video footage raising questions about the creative process and revealing his inspiration as the ‘encarnador’ – a sculptor of holy Catholic icons.


Pfeiffer’s work is held around the world in LACMA, Hamburger Bahnhof, Pinault Collection, Castello di Rivoli and MoMA.


‘Incarnator’ is held at the Thomas Dane Gallery until 7th August. Free tickets can be booked here.

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