Introspective and emotive, Rona Mac's new single "Pennies" brings us into her inner world and asks us to get in touch with our own.

Though she’s only been releasing music since 2020, Rona Mac has formed her own sound and strong identity as an artist, garnering praise from a range of new music tastemakers and the likes of Radio 1 Chillest show. Produced from her home in West Wales, Mac’s music reflects the idyllic settings that surround her – both through emotive vocals and ambient, atmospheric sounds. Reminiscent of artists like Holly Humberstone and Phoebe Bridgers, it’s music she wants to spark connection and encourage us to open up – even if that’s just connecting better with ourselves. As she puts it: If I can talk about things we’ve been told we shouldn’t, and help people connect to feelings they tucked away in their teens, then I’ll be happy when I’m old.”


Introspective new track “Pennies” channels this drive for candid honesty, searching for clarity in a chaotic world and emotionally conflicting situation. “This song is about weighing up and juggling many things, caught in a frenzy of five jobs, being broke and a bit broken, and considering moving in with my girlfriend one month into the relationship to save on money, rather than waiting for the right time,” she explains. “I felt I was losing myself in a rising tide.” Both minimalist and musically complex, the song layers guitar chords with synths and serene vocals, catching a balance between moments of calm consideration and bubbling emotion.

Listen to "Pennies" below: