San Francisco-based artist Ozer teams with up NYC's finest, Scion Rae, on his new effortlessly smooth and rich jam 'Polo Fendi'.

It’s pretty evident that Ozer has been harnessing and crafting his talent over the years as his new track ‘Polo Fendi’ encapsulates the freedom of summer evenings.


Inspired by the greats of hip-hop, Ozer is following in the footsteps paved for emerging artists who know what they want to say and can profoundly articulate their thoughts and feelings in effortless and prolific lyricism. ‘Polo Fendi’ is ultimately a track to get lost in as it harbours the atmosphere and bubbling excitement of summertime carelessness.


Teaming up with Scion Rae, the track wavers and flows from warm melodies to vast lyrical landscapes illuminated by pink sunsets.


“It’s about having a night out on the town while being carefree without any worries. Really just a song about enjoying the moment,” Ozer explains about his new track that is imbued with personal experiences and Ozer’s unique narrative.


Dive into the track below!