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GRACEY is here to prove that the pandemic doesn't have to stop you from achieving your dreams. We caught up with the breakthrough star following the release of her mini-album, 'The Art of Closure'.

Having grafted for years at her dream of becoming a popstar, GRACEY’s soar to the stars proves that hard work really does pay off.


The BRIT school alumni spent her evenings as a teenager writing at hit factory Xenomania. By 18, she had co-penned Jonas Blue and RAYE’s platinum-selling “By Your Side”, and by 20, Tiesto and Rita Ora’s smash “Ritual”. Amongst her roster of big names, is pop’s eternal princess, Kylie Minogue.


Last year, however, GRACEY knew it was time to step into the spotlight herself. After a couple of singles and an EP, ‘Imposter Syndrome’, she hit the big time when her club-ready collaboration with 220 KID went viral. “Don’t Need Love” is a certified bop, and as a testament to its addictive power, the song dominated the airwaves throughout most of this year. Riding high on her success, GRACEY then teamed up with Aussie pop prince Ruel for “Empty Love” and then Alexander 23 for “Like That”. Safe to say, they’ve all been streamed millions of times.


Cementing her status as one of the hottest artists this year, GRACEY recently shared her mini-album ‘The Art of Closure’, which featured her released hits, as well as a couple of fresh new tunes.


Rising to fame in the middle of a global pandemic isn’t a usual come-up, but GRACEY hasn’t let the restrictions get in her way. From filming a full music video from her childhood bedroom during lockdown to getting a pervading Top 10 single, GRACEY knows how to think outside the box.


For a woman with the world at her feet, GRACEY is planted firmly on the ground. We caught up at the Polydor 2021 artist showcase to chat about her mini-album, constantly writing, and banana bread.

Looking back, how has this year been for you career-wise? Despite the circumstances, has it met your expectations?

2020 obviously has come with its challenges for everyone, but I think it in some ways it’s been a time that’s really made me think outside the box in terms of my creativity and trying things I otherwise may not have – for example, I filmed a full music video for my song Empty Love ft. Ruel from my childhood bedroom during the first lockdown, and it ended up being most proud I’ve ever been of a video I’ve done (regardless of me having the technology skills of a grandma). Also having “Don’t Need Love” in the Top 10 was (and still is) pretty mind-blowing to me and I feel so grateful that people were able to listen and connect with it.

How have you dealt with a rise to fame in the middle of a pandemic?
To be honest, because everything has been so online, it doesn’t feel like much has changed really. For all I know the world is playing a huge prank on us haha. Hopefully, live shows will open up fully again soon and we’ll be able to perform and maybe that might feel different? I honestly cannot wait to get out touring.
You’ve recently released your ‘The Art of Closure’ mini-album – how does it feel to have it out in the world?
Crazy!! “99%” – the first track on there – is a tune I’ve had for over 3 years and has been such a pillar in shaping my sound, so actually seeing it on streaming sites and on the physical copies is a bit of a trip. I’m really proud of it as a body of work, it’s been amazing seeing the reaction.
What made you decide to release a mini-album as opposed to a full-length record?
It was meant to be an EP originally, but I like to think of each collection (either that be an EP/mini album/full album) as a chapter in my life. I didn’t want to leave any songs off it as they all felt important as part of my journey, but equally, I don’t think I’m quite ready to pull out my debut album quite yet – I still feel like I’m growing and learning so much about myself as a person and an artist!
If your music were a flavour, which would it be?
Probably banana bread, since most of it was finished during lockdown.
When you go around your day-to-day life are you always aware of how you are processing emotions or experiencing situations, from a creative songwriting perspective?
Yes, definitely. I’m constantly writing ideas, thoughts and feelings down in my notes, and I find it really helps me to write lyrics that are truthful and honest. I love writing conversational lyrics and finding phrases that people say in everyday life, which actually hold a lot of weight and meaning – like the opening line to one of the songs off ‘The Art of Closure’ called “Don’t” is:  “You don’t f*cking want me you’re just bored”. Lyrics like that come from random bursts of emotions that I wrote down as I go about my life. 

Which song defines teenage you?

Anything Sia. She was such an inspiration of mine when I was a teenager, and as I was fast getting into music a lot of my songs were inspired by her style! I really remember Chandelier being the song I rinsed on repeat whilst I was revising for my GCSEs. Her voice makes me feel so euphoric.

Which song defines you now?
Is it lol to say my own song? There is a song on my mini album called “Don’t”, and to me whenever I listen to it it makes me feel empowered and strong and remind me of how far I’ve come. I definitely took reference and inspiration from artists like Robin, Christine and the Queens and Mark Ronson – artists like that tend to write music that makes me so inspired.
Having collabed with 220 KID, Ruel and Alexander23 , who else is on your bucket list?
I’ve been writing and working with a few incredible female artists! I think I’d love to work with another girl because I think it will change the feel of the track, and obviously it opens up certain concepts which maybe you wouldn’t be able to use with a guy collab. Collaborating has really inspired me this year, so I’m excited to explore doing some more in the New Year for sure!
What can we expect next from GRACEY?
Maybe a few more collaborations. But I think a whole lot more of the same! I just wanna release music that I love, that I connect with and I feel like the people that enjoy my music will do the same too. Hopefully will get to perform live, but if not, I’ll get my thinking hat on and figure out as we go!


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