The introspective singer Allan Rayman returns with an emotive visual for his bittersweet new lovesong "Pretty Please".

The new visual accompanying Allan Rayman’s latest track “Pretty Please” harkens back to a time gone by with an accompanying interview to set the scene. Full of nostalgia through the muted tones and watchful eyes of the TV audience, Rayman’s track, however, throws it into the modern age.


At its very core, Allan Rayman’s “Pretty Please” is a personal display of devotion to someone slipping away, as if this is their one last chance at reprisal. Something we’ve all gone through before – when communication has fallen through and you’re left not knowing what to do. Allan Rayman’s individual tone and signature style draws you into the incredible storytelling, whilst feeling every emotion from his undeniable talent.


With an air of mystery surrounding him, Rayman’s ability to invite his audience in just enough to paint his picture whilst leaving them craving for more is one of his best talents in a society where oversharing is the norm. With a taste of what is to come, we can’t wait to delve further into the mind and soul of Allan Rayman.


Until then, catch the exclusive visual premiere of “Pretty Please” below.