Notion Festival Guide ’19



With the release of his album “Electric Light” last summer, Bay left his signature sound and trademark hat behind to pursue a new style and, as he put it, step out of the pond and set sail. Charming analogy aside, Bay’s career thus far can hardly be described as a pond. At the age of 18, Bay was filmed playing at an open mic in London and the video, uploaded by an audience member to Youtube, scored him a record deal with Republic Records a week later. Since his debut Album, “Chaos and the Calm”, Bay has pushed forward with open-hearted, zany enthusiasm, winning three Grammy nominations, dueting with Justin Bieber and scoring two platinum hits, to name a few of his accomplishments. His newest EP, “Oh My Messy Mind” sits between the characteristic instrumental roots of his first album and the experimental energy of “Electric Light”, a happy accident rooted in his desire to bring more raw, personal songwriting to his music. With his upcoming album, Bay finds a new, emotive sound that transforms the magnetic voice we’ve grown to love into a style that is entirely his own. To say he’s making waves in the music industry is an understatement.