Notion 77 Stefflon Don



As the sounds of the Caribbean have further infiltrated the pop world in recent years, one voice has begun to cut through all the rest: Stefflon Don. Her distinctive vocal performance, undeniable ability on the mic and versatility on record have set her apart from the ever-expanding roster of British MCs and even kicked-started her career in the US. Born in Rotterdam but finding her fame in London, Steff has established herself as one of the UK’s quickest rising stars, collaborating with the likes of French Montana and Lil Yachty all before she’s put out a debut album.

However, as we find out in our cover story, behind Stefflon Don’s sudden rise are years of hard work and a lifetime obsession with music. Having inked a deal with Polydor earlier this year, and with her sights set on rap world domination, we find out how Stefflon Don forged her unique take on British rap, landed a second deal on the same label as Migos and why she’s more than just ‘the UK’s answer to Nicki Minaj.’