Crafting one of the best collaborations for summer 2019, rising producer Joe Hertz teams up with poetic mastermind Barney Artist, electronic-soul artist Sam Wills and Blue Lab Beats on their blissful new single "Rain in Cuba".

Still bouncing off the waving success of his recent sold-out tour of Asia, rising talent Joe Hertz doesn’t fail to give his supporters the utmost best when it comes to producing a unique sound. Growing up with a complete musical background and his father iconically being Pete Tong, one of the most legendary artists in electronic dance music, Joe has been able to endlessly craft his distinctive sound which is loved all over the world for years. Following Joe’s 60million and counting streams worldwide, this best kept producing secret is ready to bring his blissfully refreshing new single to the table with his recent collaboration with rap prince Barney Artist, Sam Wills and Blue Lab Beats. Perfectly crafting a soulful team ready to bring summer-tinged moments through their listener’s airwaves “Rain in Cuba” beautifully layers the smooth jazz-infused hip-hop lyricism of East London’s rap prince Barney Artist over a groovy melodic beat, fused with ethereal instrumental sounds you can’t not vibe to!

A stunning track with glistening vocals, “Rain in Cuba” is dedicated to those perfect moments that turn out…not so perfect. Commenting on the track Sam notes “They’d called the beat Rain In Cuba and we thought it was a strong starting point. I think it happens to a lot of us, where you go on a romantic holiday to get some space from the rest of the world, and end up falling out and arguing the whole time. I think you can hear all our individual influences on the track, but they blend together smoothly too.” A perfect tune to sooth those not so perfect moments is one you undoubtedly have to replay on a summers night.

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