Rainsford is an artist on the rise, who has begun to carve out her own niche amongst the musical landscape.

LA-based singer-songwriter, Rainsford has carved out her own space amongst the musical landscape. Rainsford has shown her impressive versatility across a variety of projects rooted in film, television, and music. Multi-hyphenate in every sense, she’s a musician, actress, model, writer, and creative director.


Not only has Rainsford topped a variety of ‘Ones to Watch’ lists she’s also garnered critically acclaimed notice from her EP “Emotional Support Animal” in 2018, she also toured both the US and UK, ending with a sold-out show in London.


Rainsford made her acting debut on AMC’s award-winning drama Mad Man, opposite Jon Hamm, in 2015. Upcoming film projects include The Shuroo Project, alongside Fiona Dourif and Tommy Dorfman, The Daylong Brothers, a Southern Gothic tale where she stars opposite Keith Carradine, and Ultrasound with Vincent Kartheiser.


Most recently, Rainsford starred in the Freeform television miniseries ‘Love In The Time Of Corona’ alongside Leslie Odom Jr., Nicolette Robinson and Tommy Dorfman. Out on Freeform, the romantic comedy follows the lives of people who are looking for love, sex and connection during the COVID-19 pandemic while social distancing.


Her influences range from indie, pop, R&B and soul and share the qualities that are most evident in her own material – honesty and authenticity.

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Captivating a growing fan base both in the US and overseas, Rainsford earned the endorsement of both press and fans in between her entrancing live shows and must watch music videos, firmly securing her as a unique emerging voice in pop and reaping over five million streams all as an independent artist.


The “Oh My God” music video featured cameos from Luka Sabbat, Devon Carlson, Lauren Leekley, Olivia Sui, Sam Lerner and Nican Robinson.


Speaking of the track, Rainsford explains; “’Oh My God’ is a unique song for me because I was really trying to write something fun. You can actually hear me laughing at the top of the track. Typically, my songs are driven by heartache, but I think we have enough of that in the world at the moment. My hope is that this song is a momentary escape into something fun and playful and silly. Like OMG.”


The track deviates from her usually introspective lyrics, opting instead for a lighter and more cheerful side.


“Oh My God” comes on the heels of the release of “2 Cents” and “Crying In The Mirror, the latter of which’s video, directed by Cara Delevingne and starring Kaia Gerber, has racked up nearly 150K views on YouTube.


Rainsford’s latest single, titled “Love Me Like You Hate Me,” is out now.


We caught up with Rainsford further and discussed her lyrical M.O., creative process and what the past few months have taught her.

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If you could summarize it, what would be the story of how you became a musician?

I started dancing when I was really young, which exposed me to a lot of music. It allowed me to experience music in a much more present way. Plus, I just always loved to sing and write songs. It’s one of the few things I feel confident in my abilities about.


What would you say the most important things are that you’ve learned about yourself as an artist?

To trust my instincts and not to value someone else’s opinion over mine, just because they are older or more powerful than I am.

Describe your sound in three words.

Crazy, sexy, cool.

Since releasing your debut EP ‘Emotional Support Animal’ how have you grown personally?

I’m actually still 5’7.

Typically, your lyrical M.O. seems to be inspired through heartache and personal lived through experiences. How important is it to fuse your reality within your craft?

I wouldn’t say it’s important to me necessarily. I just write about whatever I’m going through because it’s what on my mind. I guess the songs that I love the most feel honest and personal. Little pieces of my heart get tucked into all my songs, so hopefully, people can feel that.

Your last single “Oh My God”, seems to deviate from your usually introspective lyrics, opting instead for a lighter and more cheerful side. Can you talk us through the change of narrative? And secondly, should we be expecting to hear a lighter side to your music?

With everything that is going on in the world right now, I wanted to put something out that felt fun, silly, and happy.  Even if it’s just a momentary escape, listening to music can change your mood and change your mind.  I wrote “Oh My God” with one of my best friends, and you can actually hear me laughing at the top of the track.  So hopefully people enjoy listening as much as we loved writing it!

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What are the main themes and messages you want to portray in your music?

I don’t really think about my music in that way.  I write lyrics on my phone and on my laptop all the time. I record little voice notes of melody ideas, write songs on my guitar at night when my day is done, and write with my friends in the studio.  I just don’t have an overarching theme besides sharing pieces of myself.

“Oh My God”, “Crying In The Mirror” and “2 Cents” have all captivated a growing fan base both in the US and overseas with your entrancing music videos. How does it feel to have your music out in the world and to be receiving global recognition and support?

Well, that’s a very generous way to describe my career! I hope that’s true! I care so much about the songs I write and music videos I create.  And It really all comes from me.  I write every song.  I think of every video idea.  I don’t have a label or some larger thing pushing for me.  I’m so flattered by everyone who cares or connects to what I’m doing.  It’s so cool to me and fills my heart up thinking about someone choosing to listen to a song I wrote.

Can you talk us through what your creative process when creating new music? Has that been altered due to lockdown?

Not a whole lot has changed in my creative process since quarantine.  It’s only ever me and one other person in the studio. So lucky I’ve been able to keep on going pretty well!

What have these past few months taught you?

I’ve been able to connect with my friends in a really deep and meaningful way.  I’m so grateful to have had my sister with me up until two weeks ago.  We’re usually all so busy. Being able to slow down, and play games, and enjoy each other without all the typical pressures has been really wonderful.


Due to the current worldwide pandemic, performing live and touring has taken a backseat, how has the ‘new norm’ of releasing music impacted you as an artist who thrives when performing live?

It sucks. I miss playing shows very much and going to shows.  I’m not into “going live”. At the same time, it has made it even more valuable to make amazing music videos.

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If you should share the top three albums which have shaped the way you saw the world and inspired, you what would they be?

Prince – “Purple Rain”, Backstreet Boys – “Backstreet Boys”, Etta James – “At Last”.

Freeform mini-series, ‘Love In The Time Of Corona’, featured your record “6 Ft From Love”. How did it feel to be able to fuse your love of music with acting?

I loved getting to work on that show.  Tommy and I had a blast.  The musical element of the show was interesting because I didn’t write the song.  The producers sent me the track and sent over recording equipment to my house.  I made a makeshift studio in my basement, recorded the vocals, packed the equipment back up, and that was that.

Your last couple of tracks have featured cameo’s i.e. “Crying In The Mirror” directed by Cara Delevingne featuring Kaia Gerber and actor Greg Sulkin, and “Oh My God” featured cameos with Luka Sabbat, Devon Carlson, Lauren Leekley, Olivia Sui, Sam Lerner, and Nican Robinson – directed by Dana Boulous. How does it feel sharing your art with other creatives?

I have had such a blast getting to work with my friends.  I love them and trust them so much.  And they’re the people I enjoy spending my time with the most.  So, it’s such a gift to get to lift each other up and create together.

Do you have any specific criteria when thinking of working with someone?

I’m drawn to people who are kind, funny, and enjoy what they do and have an interesting perspective.

Lastly, what’s next for Rainsford?

I am writing new music all the time! I am also fostering kittens at the moment and trying to be open to whatever comes my way!

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Watch the visuals for "Love Me Like You Hate Me" below:



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