Brooklyn-based artist Caro Juna celebrates and champions her Asian heritage in a world where summer never ends in the highly-addictive and quirky 'Raspberry Tea'.

Collaborating with Korean-American filmmaker, Eileen Yoon, ‘Rasberry Tea’ is a match made in heaven with its shimmering visuals that can’t help but boost your endorphins along with Caro’s eclectic voice and prolific lyricism.


Self-described as ‘living in a perpetual summer’, there’s more than meets the eye in this hazy and fun bop. When Juna and Yoon connected, they wanted to envision a world where it was a cultural norm to have many Asian people on the screen which began the birth of ‘Raspberry Tea’. Rooted within the lack of representation in the global entertainment industry, it’s artists and creators like Caro Juna and Eileen Yoon who are paving the way into what should already be a societal norm.


‘Raspberry Tea’ is ultimately for all the hopeless romantics out there as you can’t help but be thrown into the track and video’s charm. With nods to Caro Juna’s and Yoon’s Korean background in montages, it’s a truly an artistic love letter to their culture.


Fall in love with the world Caro Juna lives in below with the premiere of the simply gorgeous ‘Raspberry Tea’ below and hopefully, soon this won’t be an alternate reality as representation will become the norm.