Indie-pop prodigy Havelock pokes fun at the American Dream with his bright new single, "Real".

Bringing a fresh perspective to the indie music scene is Kentish singer-songwriter Havelock with his new track, “Real”.  A melting pot of influences, “Real” is an eclectic mix of indie, hip-hop and electronic styles to create a singular new sound that is playful and ambitious in its production.

Moving from Kent to London in 2016, Havelock was drawn by the constant hustle of the city and his desire to pursue a career as a musician, couch-surfing while he chased after his dreams.  This magnetic energy is reflected in the latest track, which buzzes with fluctuating electronic riffs and smooth guitar melodies that lead the listener on unexpected journeys of laidback escapism.

While the song’s production is sophisticated, it’s subject matter is refreshingly tongue in cheek, using relatable imagery to poke fun at the lengths people go to achieve the American Dream. Bold and energetic –  “Real” Is the all-too-relatable weekend jam we’ve been waiting for.



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Rising indie star Havelock is bringing new flavours to the scene with his unique brand of off-beat alt-pop.