As we patiently wait to see what he does next, here, Reekado Banks talks future tour plans, “Feel Different” and how to remain authentic. 

Reekado Banks is shaking up Africa’s pop-sphere with his smooth and sultry Afrobeats anthems. Breaking through the noise in 2014, thanks to hit single “Katapot”, the award-winning musician hasn’t looked back since. And over the past nine years, the artist has gone from strength to strength, featuring on tracks with equally esteemed artists like Wizkid and Tiwa Savage. 


More recently, Reekado released the single “Feel Different”, enlisting Adekunle Gold and Maleek Berry for butter-smooth vocal performances. The three Afrobeats stalwarts combine in fine fashion, riding sun-soaked textures with a joyful nonchalance. “This song is everything” reads one comment on the soon-to-be viral music video, which shows off each artist’s unique style and taste for luxury fashion. 


Enjoying all the success that comes his way, Reekado isn’t content with dining on past accolades. Pursuing his passion at the highest level is something he strives for daily, as is leaving a musical legacy that cultivates a creative community. “I want my name to be written in gold”, he explains to us in a determined tone. Yes, he already has 6.6 million Instagram followers but his stocks will only continue to rise. Rest assured; this won’t be the last time you hear of Reekado Banks. 


As we patiently wait to see what he does next, here, Reekado talks future tour plans, “Feel Different” and how to remain authentic. 

I read you grew up in quite a musical family – what role did music play for you growing up?

Music played a significant role in my life whilst I was growing up, serving as an escape and granting me a sense of freedom.

What artists did you love at that time, and do any of them influence what you make now?

During that time, my favourite artists consisted of both local and international talents. Chris Brown was one of them, alongside D’banj, Tuface, and Wizkid. Their influence continues to shape my thoughts and writing to this day.

When did you decide to make music yourself?

The moment I realised that I was destined for this path was in 2008 when I received my parents’ blessing. Then in 2014, I secured my first record deal with Mavin.

How has your sound evolved since then?

As we can observe, the music landscape is constantly evolving and changing. It is crucial to adapt and grow alongside the game. My musical and artistic development has transformed over time, as I have explored different sounds and collaborated with talented musicians from around the world.

What’s been the biggest lesson in your musical journey?

One of the most important lessons I’ve learned is to remain true to my music, despite the challenge of constantly chasing chart-topping hits. I have discovered that staying authentic brings me joy and the fulfillment I need to continue my artistic journey. Interestingly, it also makes it easier to create hit records.

You’ve been releasing a steady stream of music these past few years – how have you grown in that time? Both as an entertainer in the public eye and musically as an artist?

I’d say my upcoming album project is the best way to showcase my growth. I believe nobody in the game has reached the level I’m currently at, and I say this with all due respect. I need to release this album to prove it. The body of work represents my growth, and everything else will follow. I am currently working on it and prefer not to say too much for now.

Your latest single is “Feel Different”- tell us about the song and how the reaction to it has been. What’s next – are you gearing up for more music or a project you can talk about?

“Feel Different” is a classic collaboration that caught everyone by surprise. The reception has been tremendous and people are heavily engaged with it on social media. I am extremely grateful to everyone who supports me. My next album is coming soon, and I’m filled with excitement about that. I can’t wait for people to hear what I’ve been cooking up.

What themes have inspired this new music lyrically?

The overarching theme of my music is evolution. We are constantly evolving and we all have the ability to make a positive impact on the people and the world around us.

Where do you imagine people listening to the music and how do you want it to make them feel?

I love people hearing my music live. In the clubs and in the car is great, but live is a different experience in itself. Once my album is released, I look forward to embarking on a world tour. I can’t wait to hit the road again, by God’s grace.

How important are those moments of live music and connection with fans to you as an artist?

Those moments of connection are priceless, and the memories will stay with me forever. They mean everything to me. And I hope they mean the same to the fans. The reaction I feel each time tells me that they do. From what I can gather, people worldwide are listening to my songs, and that brings me immense joy. To love and be loved with complete freedom is the essence of everything, as it encompasses all other emotions and experiences.

Do you have a standout performance moment?

I have had many, but I always strive to create that one extraordinary moment, if you know what I mean.

What’s your dream venue to play?

Currently, the bar is already set high, but if I were to mention specific venues, I would say the O2 in London and Madison Square Garden in New York.

Is there anything else you’re hoping to tick off your bucket list for this year?

My immediate goal is to complete my album and share it with the world.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years’ time? What’s the legacy you want to create?

Looking ten years ahead, I aspire to continue pursuing my passion at the highest level. I also aim to leave a legacy by supporting and nurturing creative communities, along with the necessary infrastructure for our industry. I want my name to be written in gold.

Listen to "Feel Different" below:

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