Yorkshire band Boxteles are back with new rock-heavy single "Relevant".

A group of West Yorkshire lads, Boxteles are a band made up of Tom Bedford (vocals and guitar), Alex ‘Rex’ Richardson (bass), Ollie Harrison (guitar) and Oliver Perry (drums). Following from the energy created with their 2021 EP ‘Break-ups, Bevs and Thinking Ahead’, the group are back with new track, “Relevant”.


Formed in 2018, the group have all been heavily involved in the music business for years. Giving them a unique perspective on the ever-evolving industry, they also know what parts of the system they feel no longer work. Having worked in the studio with Mike Spink during 2021 and 2022, the Boxteles sound has continually evolved. Now with a heavier M.O, with their new music, the band are ready to show the world what they’re about. 


New release “Relevant” tackles the rise of influencer culture and its effect on society, a “commentary on the growing reliance and obsession people have with their online presence and how it’s taken over the consciousness of society as a whole.” Keeping a tongue-in-cheek attitude, alongside the heavy riffs and electronic sound, this is one not to miss. 

Stream "Relevant" below:


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