Huddersfield alt-rock collective, Boxteles, make their return with their new up-beat pop song “D’You Mind?”

Boxteles started back in 2018 and is now comprised of Tom Bedford (vocals and guitar), Alex ‘Rex’ Richardson (bass), Ryan Smith (guitar) and Will Hirst (drums). Fast-forward 18 months and the group were selling out headline shows throughout the north.


Having released a string of popular singles as well as supporting acts like; Kyle Falconer of The View, Larkins and Glass Caves, 2020 for Boxteles started with a bang; selling out two headline shows in Huddersfield and Manchester, and having signed their first record deal with Caos Music Ltd. The new line-up is more ready than ever to blow rooves off venues throughout the UK.


Boxteles sound combines hard hitting riffs, sing-along choruses and more than a little of that famous Yorkshire wit. Now, making their return with “D’You Mind?”, Boxteles’ Tom Bedford explained, “D’You Mind? is a song that tries to encapsulate the excitement, anxiety and adventure that is the world of modern dating. It’s about trying to be yourself and be true to yourself as well as trying to impress and maybe hide aspects of your personality that you feel may deter others from wanting to stick around, all wrapped into a, rocky up-beat pop song.”


Looking to 2021 with positive energy and big prospects, Boxteles is prime to hit stages once again with an all-new storming set of soul-stirring songs.

Listen to "D'You Mind?" below:


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