East London boy LEYMA is here to remind us that with powerful introspection comes a new hope in his latest track "Reminder".

There’s a new guy in town – quietly making waves with his softly roared stanzas and hazy day beats – who is becoming the unspoken voice of a generation.


We’re talking of course about LEYMA. With his immediately unique sound and ability to appear like he is talking to you and only you through his softly spoken-word flows has already pinned LEYMA to be more than a one to watch. The perfect embodiment of LEYMA’s laidback and fluid approach to sonically presenting words comes in the form of ‘Reminder’ – his latest track off of his upcoming debut EP ‘L O N G D A Y S’.


‘Reminder’ is simply LEYMA’s ode to London – the hustle and bustle of growing up there, and how it has shaped him into the man and artist he is evolving into. Steeped in nostalgia, the key message of ‘Reminder’ is that it’s always important to look back into the past, only if it’s going to help your future. With LEYMA’s dreamy and almost nonchalant approach to the syllables that fall off of his lips has earned him the unsung title of becoming Britain’s new poet.


Until the release of ‘L O N G D A Y S’ on the 23rd of October, put on your rose-tinted glasses with ‘Reminder’ below and catch LEYMA headlining Camden Assembly on 8th November – tickets can be found here. 


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Punctuated with a mixture of insecurity and acceptance, London boy Leyma reminds us that summer days inevitably darken and drift away.