Graham Lake has dropped an energetic new tune featuring Avelino, "Run Em Down".

Stockholm-born artist Graham Lake hit the scene in style last October with his debut single “FOCUS”, which became a hit acquiring notices across the radio and online. His energetic, creative pop stylings have lent him plenty of fans, and he’s set to keep building on that well-earned reputation.


Lake’s new single, “Run Em Down” is a statement of intent that offers high energy all the way through. With Lake’s slick guitar and thumping synths, it’s an effortlessly cool tune that seeks to keep surprising the listener. The song tags in the UK rapper and Notion 90 cover star Avelino for a slick guest verse full of braggadocio and confidence, celebrating Lake’s status as a ‘local boy’ whose fame is nevertheless rising higher and higher.


On the track, Lake says, “Run em Down’ was made during a part of my life when many people influenced my decisions, dreams, and ambitions. My music was the thing keeping me grounded and this song came to be my freeing from all those attachments. ’FOCUS’ came to life quickly but ’Run em Down’ was even quicker. That proved to me that I was on the right track and that this song was meant to be the follow-up. I never intend to speak on what my song’s true meaning is because it’s different for everybody but to me, it’s a celebration of knowing what you deserve and that nothing besides yourself can stop you from reaching that.”


With hundreds of thousands of streams to his name and an increasingly impressive list of fans and contributors, make sure to keep an eye on Lake’s progress as he continues to build his reputation.

Listen here: