South London rising star Jasmine Jethwa releases her cathartic and emotive new single 'Running Circles' with her childhood memories of Crystal Palace as the landscape.

Jasmine Jethwa is starting 2020 off on the right foot with her stunning and entirely addictive mellow debut single ‘Running Circles’.


Hailing from Crystal Palace, Jethwa has been working on crafting her sound over the last few years which is evident in her pure and harmonic vocals that leave you hooked. Speaking on her debut release, a track that is filled with rhythmic, sentimental guitar riffs and Jasmine’s signature honeysuckle vocals, the singer revealed “‘Running Circles’ was born out of a situation where I felt like I was caught in a cycle of nothing being the right thing or good enough, or what people imagined. Writing this song was cathartic and helped me process and move past those feelings.”


The twenty-one-year-old Anglo-Indian singer-songwriter harkens back to the great storytellers of our time. Within Jasmine’s work, you can hear elements of Joni Mitchell, Bon Iver, Brandy and James Fauntleroy which are more than great references to have and are reflective of her haunting lyricism, melodies and timeless production.


Explore Jasmine Jethwa’s stunning debut single below.

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