Immerse yourself in the surreal world of Issermann's latest otherworldly visual for 'Sad + Boring' where you will see a few familiar faces.

Sitting at the intersection of grunge and trap is your new favourite artist Issermann and his latest concoction ‘Sad + Boring’ which uses deepfake technology to land a star-studded ‘cast’ in his latest visual.


This video is something that definitely has to be seen to be believed. Featuring a couple that wears eye-contacts to see famous A-listers instead of their partner, Issermann uses ‘Sad + Boring’ as a commentary for the digital and narcissistic society we live in. Directed by Nathan Sam Long, the visual is truly the first of its kind.


Speaking on ‘Sad + Boring’, Issermann revealed, “‘Sad + Boring’ is about being stuck in a relationship that’s slowly diminishing you and your personality. I thought using celebrity deepfakes provided a great metaphor for this desire to be loved at all costs, in a contemporary way. Featuring faces like Kurt Cobain, Lil Peep and Kim Kardashian also hints at the well-documented downside of the ‘idol’ some aspire to be or date.”


Issermann is a member of The Rattle, an artist-first music community on a mission to put creators in power. Already making a name for himself with his ability to tackles life’s vulnerabilities with his now idiosyncratic humour and sharp wit, we love what Issermann is doing and can’t wait to see more.


Dive into the premiere of Issermann’s ‘Sad + Boring’ below!