After releasing her vibrant single “Like I Need", Meron Addis strips it back for her honeysuckle follow up “Same Way" that is all the same enticing as incredibly raw.

Talking about “Same Way”, blossoming star says “Sometimes you can meet someone and they might like you more than you like them or vice versa, and it doesn’t quite work. So this song is about wanting to experience mutual feelings and just mentally being on the same wavelength as another person. It’s an honest, vulnerable song but also has an element of confidence in knowing what you want.”


The stunning visual for “Same Way” shows Meron’s pondering and introverted take on life as she gets ready to enter a new chapter in her life with someone new. Conveying the mixed bottle of emotions that often comes with this, and with the benefit of hindsight of having life experiences, Meron shows a mature and reflective approach in her single.


“I wanted this video to have a simplistic, intimate and raw feel to it to compliment the mood and message of the song. It’s just me, in my own space with my thoughts.”  Meron told us.
Dig into this R&B songstresses new single below and start your weekend off right!