London's explosive DJ and Production trio, Mad Teeth, release their hilarious and energetic new visual for "Saucin" to end the summer on high.

Directed by Silence, “Saucin” takes you on what a Mad Teeth night out would be like, and by the looks of things, it would be a pretty bizarre yet hilarious one.


Known for their high-tempo and extraverted energy, “Saucin” gives you everything you need and more, leaving you one question: “Is it the weekend yet?” Speaking about the concept of the video, Mad Teeth have said ‘We came up with the video concept for “Saucin” as we wanted the theme of the video to suit the fast paced, energetic journey of the song. The video represents to us everything that “Saucin” makes you feel, that you’re at the best party, with the hypest gang and the waviest night out not to be forgotten!’


If you’re new to the trio, Mad Teeth are a London based trio consisting of David Stewart, Jessica Agombar and Yash Sohodeb. The trio all got introduced to each other in Ibiza and pretty much connected instantly. More than ones to watch, check out the exclusive premiere of “Saucin” below!