The Dutch brand Scotch & Soda has revealed its latest collection of stylish sunglasses.

Days may be dimming, but making the most of the last slither of sun left, the Amsterdam-born brand Scotch & Soda has unleashed a covetable new range of sunglasses.


In the men’s range, ‘Castro’ in the Pinnacle tier harnesses sunburst adornments and sunset sea shades. The ‘Tahoe’ style in the Essential tier takes an edgier approach, with geometrical shapes and Art-Deco dipping inspired by the 80s Memphis movement. Another pair for the beach, the ‘Rushmore’ bursts in mauve and teal tones, while the ‘Faneuil’ (also from the Aspirational tier) opts for a more downplayed look.


There’s plenty of highlights in the women’s selection too, with the ‘Fresno’ in pastel hues and the seventies slick style ‘Maggie’. The ‘Maddison’ in the Essential tier goes for an on-trend square oversized shape softened by citrusy pastel shades.


The collection is available to shop on the Scotch & Soda website. Get a taste below…

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