The latest track 'Scrolling' from Tycho Jones calls us to look up and have your head in the clouds rather than trapped in your phone.

London’s newest poet MC, Tycho Jones, softly calls for action in his trippy and inspired new visual for ‘Scrolling’.


Diving deep into dissecting the digital age, particularly with the insecurities and anxieties that go hand-in-hand with social media, Jones’ message is simple – stop scrolling. With mellow and honeysuckled vocals over a Lo-Fi beat, Tycho Jones is able to spit his stanzas tenderly whilst making you have fun at the same time.


Speaking on the latest track, Jones revealed “It explores the anxieties I feel from social media. The verses talk about how vulnerable I feel and how my thoughts are affected by social media as it isolates me in the relationships I have with everyone. The chorus provides perspective from the 3rd person: ‘Scrolling, it controls him’. This is a break and a reminder to not succumb to these pressures. The song and video have a pounding monotony that reflects the relentless nature of social media in our lives as we all continue to scroll…


Clearly, this is just a taster from the undeniably and effortlessly cool guy who has the talent to match, along with a message from his heart. So, whilst you’re scrolling be prepared to see a lot more from this boy wonder.


Tune into ‘Scrolling’ below!