Blurring the lines between his comedic genius and undeniable musical talent, Bassboy is the gift that keeps on giving with the release of his latest track "Ice Cream Man".

Even if you aren’t familiar with Bassboy’s name, you will have definitely seen his face and parody videos smeared all over your timelines.


After garnering millions of streams over the years with his satirical videos that humour the stereotypes within the hip-hop industry, everyone was laughing along with Bassboy. However, it wasn’t just his comedy gold that won everyone over. The tracks and flow Bassboy was creating were actually pretty great along with his sharp punchlines.


Proving he was more than a one-trick pony, Bassboy began showing what he could really do. The Birmingham based triple-threat began successfully merging his comedy with his stellar production into full-blown tracks. If you haven’t already noticed, Bassboy is a huge lover of the UK bass scene. Now, Bassboy is a pioneer of the scene and is currently paving the way for the future of the genre. Hot of the heels of his latest parody track “Valentine’s Day” which has already garnered millions of streams, Bassboy is back with “Ice Cream Man” after signing to The Ministry Of Sound.


Produced and written by Bassboy (and created from scratch in less than 30 minutes!) the track samples the iconic ice cream van sound that soundtracked so many of our childhood summers. The track features an addictive mix of Bassboy’s distinctive UK rap style, infamous sampling, smart lyricism and unique and endearing sense of humour that has already earned him a legion of fans.


With the track already becoming the perfect anthem to end our Summer on a high, we get to grips with the infamous Bassboy to find out what 10Trax he is spinning right now.

"Sid" by Gorilla

"This track is the centre of my universe. This balances me as a person and uplifts my mood under any circumstances. I listen to this everyday on every system I have."

"Feel What It Is" by Jimmy Edgar

"I'm fairly new to this track. I came across it while eating in a Thai restaurant for the first time and it set an unreal mood."

"Free Uzi" by Lil Uzi

"This track is one of my fav trap tunes ever. I did a video trying to copy it. The tune is actually genius on all levels."

"Jump Up, Super Star!" by Super Mario Odyssey

"This song is from Super Mario. My son downloaded this tune to my phone to listen to in the car and ever since that day I’ve been hooked. The production level is unreal."

"I Won't" by H.E.R

"This track is simply amazing. From the production level, to the voice of this angel. I use this as a track to reset my ears during mix down phases when Iʼm producing."

"1991" by Azealia Banks

"This track is special to me because it was the only song I could listen to while I was in Saudi Arabia in 2013, My phone had no reception haha."

"As I" by Geeneus Ft Katie B

"This track was very huge around 2009 and I listen to this a-lot because it brings me back to a moment in my life when I had to make a big decision so I use it to help me in times of confusion."

"Bottoms Up" by Emanuel Satie

"This is my ultimate tune to do the end of my cardio to. It gets me so so pumped so it gives me the extra drive."

"Blue Tint" by Drake

"This just simply inspires me and is very well produced. It’s my favourite track from Scorpion."

"The Way You Look Tonight" by Tony Bennett

"This is a classic! I listen to this daily. It actually inspired me to do another content video (‘Valentines Day’). This is where the sample is from."