The infamous producer, multi-vocalist, comedian and inventor, Beardyman, curates an eclectic playlist that is just as much of a trip as his latest single '6am (Ready To Write)'!

Beardyman is not just a triple threat, he’s not even a quadruple threat… let’s just call him a jack of all trades, and definitely a master of them too.


Beardyman’s rise to success began with him winning the UK Beatbox Championships two years in a row in 2006 and 2007, with a can of talented worms being released from Beardyman’s mind ever since. After feeling creatively chained within the music industry, Beardyman decided to free himself by developing the world’s most advanced live music production system known as BEARDYTRON_5000, allowing him to improvise studio-quality cutting edge dance music in real-time. He unveiled the BEARDYTRON_5000 at the annual global TED conference. If Beardyman wasn’t already enough of an enigma, he’s a comedian in his free time too.


It’s the entirety of Beardyman that evokes this energy that you can’t help but love him – whether it’s pushing boundaries musically or provoking reactions through his extroverted comedy. This can be best encompassed through his latest track ‘6am (Time To Write)’ which is one big hedonistic trip that can only be understood by watching. You won’t regret it.


With the mind of a genius and a heart of gold, we thought it would be best to find out what wonderfully bizarre tracks Beardyman can’t stop spinning right now. What’s even better is that Beardyman has been announced to play at the paradisical new festival Wonderfruit in Thailand. What could be better than hearing the colours that Beardyman creates under the December Sun in Thailand?


If you need more temptation about going to a festival in Thailand, then allow us to entice you even further. Wonderfruit is an annual arts and music festival devoted to their ethos of encouraging, developing and innovating creative solutions for sustainable living and bringing together a global community to celebrate those solutions. Plus, Beardyman is playing. You should definitely now be sold.


Free your mind with Beardyman’s trippy and curious playlist below!

"Censored" by Mr Bill & Esseks

"To be fair, everything by Mr Bill and anyone he chooses to collab with is always amazing, he's one of those people who just brings maximum genius to everything he does. Intricate, detailed, but brutal and SUCH good production."

"Doing The Things" by Louis Cole

"Louis Cole is one of the greatest people alive. He's a jazz trained musical savant with the pocket of an atomic clock he apparently developed playing along to video games. This track is ridicusick. The funk is through him, it is along him, it is around him. May he funk forever."

"Landing" by Rob Lewis

"Rob Lewis is a cellist who loops and performs live using a single fx unit but makes these beautiful atmospheric textures. He is supporting me on my London date on my upcoming tour where he will lull you into a state of emotional sanctitude."

"Roll Like This" by NaPoM

"IMHO the greatest beatboxer of all time if only because he's the only one to have released an album of original one take tracks using only his mouth, that's actually good! It's unbelievable the sounds and the textures and the layers he creates just with his voice. All beatbox... no effects, no layering, just one man and his mouth insane... so, so good.

"Wet Glue" by Michael Bibi

"Michael Bibi makes good house. It is stripped back, it is good. It's just good. It's that good good. Naa mean... it's just fuckin' good. Fucking... ugh... it's really good."

"ᐛᢰXᒣ ᐂ Mᒷᢳᐉ" by Qebrus

"I mean... Qebrus... basically he was an alien... He died 2 years ago and the world is the worse for it. Nothing has ever or will ever sound like this. It's the most futuristic music i've ever heard, it's basically alien music. It's barely music tbh."

"Drown Her In My Tears" by Girl Friend Of The Year

"GFOTY is better than The Beatles."

"Find Me" by Buddy

"This tune is one of those you can live in. I lived in this tune for like 2 weeks solid. Got stuck in my head. Kaytranada production, just so deep, such a head nodder... goes straight to the soul... so deep and personal and... man... good voice, deep lyrics, deep flow... dope old school dilla-esque beats... so dope... much much dopeness.

"Breaking The Flesh" by Broken English Club


"Komparen" by Data 3

"This tune pulls my tongue from my face... causes extreme and uninvited gurning... its disgusting... and it's a pleasure to inflict this sickness upon you... get stuck in... ugh..."