South London four-piece Bleach Lab choose 10trax from the rising UK indie and dream-pop scene, ahead of their EP release on November 4th.

"King Street" by Eleni Drake

"My favourite track by the London based Indie artist. The likely eternal theme song to every one of my train journeys. The first time I heard that chorus and the guitar I just sunk, in a good way." - Jenna

"Night Drive" by White Flowers

"It’s in the name. I want to drive for hours listening to this song. The gradual build in the intro into those ethereal vocals, goosebumps. Atmospheric and sublime." - Jenna

"Gush" by Bdrmm

"This song reminds me of last summer, we played a couple of shows alongside the band and i’m definitely not being biased by saying this is one of my favourite indie tracks possibly ever. It has a certain nostalgia to it that I can’t quite put my finger on." - Jenna

"Creative Jealousy" by Honeyglaze

"The song has a really endearing wonkiness to it. I saw them live earlier this year and they have a charming yet awkward style to their performance and I feel this song channels that well." - Frank

"Terrified" by Penelope Isles

"Amazing guitars, really nicely treated vocals and a super catchy song. First heard of them when Shaun Keaveny mentioned in an interview that he’d been listening to us and them. Yet to see them live but very keen to." - Frank

"I Follow You" by She’s In Parties

"This band caught our ears on BBC 6Music a little while back and been desperate to hear more. The haunting vocals in this track gives me goosebumps and has some brilliant moments of production throughout." - Josh

"The Snow and the Eclipse" by Slaney Bay

"I love the poetic nature of this track and was the first song I heard by them. Been hooked ever since and keep on wowing with there releases. Truly seems like they are bursting into the music scene and looking forward to hear more of what’s to come from these guys." - Josh

"Jumper" by Courting

"These guys were a lockdown discovery for me. The Scouse band capture the brilliance of early 00s American pop punk ballads in this record, but with an English twist. The song from start to finish is undoubtedly catchy and full of quirky references that makes it an out in out great track from the get go." - Josh

"Banshee" by NewDad

"I remember discovering these guys when we featured on the same Spotify playlist. I particularly like the track Banshee. The rhythm section is so solid on this track, meaning you just get lost in the ethereal textures they’ve added. The incredible melancholic vocal delivery is just the icing on the cake. One of the most exciting bands to break the UK indie scene." - Kieran

"Bedtime Story" by Priestgate

"Our manager introduced me to this band because she knows what a Cure fan I am. The chorus on the guitars in that intro are enough to make anyone immediately fall in love with the song. This is my go to for long drives." - Kieran

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