With the release of their post-hardcore album, 'Home Made Satan', dive into the dark depths of Chastity with their curated playlist below!

Earlier this month on Friday the 13th, quiet fittingly, Chastity released their much-anticipated album ‘Home Made Satan’ – the second instalment of an ominous building trilogy.


Following on from the firey success of their 2018 debut album ‘Death Lust’, this new haunting chapter perfectly amalgamates Chastity’s cutting post-hardcore rock with a glistening pop sensibility. Battling light and darkness continues to be the thread that ties the two albums together, with the focus shifting to an emotional and political concept buried within ‘Home Made Satan’. The universe that Brandon Williams has crafted aims to give a voice to those who are forgotten about by society.


‘Home Made Satan’ takes the form as a cinematic score intended to be the soundtrack to the vision Williams envisioned in his mind. Finding strength within his vulnerability, and the purest intentions behind his anger that is needed in today’s political landscape, are the reasons why Chastity continue to be trailblazers in representing the times, whilst also making music that moves your soul into intense emotions.


Crafted in isolation and the paranoia that often follows suit, ‘Home Made Satan’ isn’t designed to be easy listening, but that’s exactly the point. We wanted to dive in deeper into the mind and inspirations behind ‘Home Made Satan’, so check out their 10Trax below and thank us later.

"Strange and Unprepared" by Copeland

"This was my favourite band in high school. When they broke up a few years ago, I saved up and bought their van, and that’s the van we’ve been touring with. When they got back together I messaged them to offer to return it if only they’d come play Toronto or Montreal."

"Devil Town" by Daniel Johnston

"Rest in peace :( extremely inspiring."

"The Last Days Of Summer" by The Cure

"Have been listening to this record a lot, and thought this song was right with fall creeping up."

"Pale September" by Fiona Apple

"Maybe my greatest lyrical inspiration. Her and Oscar Wilde have a simultaneous visceral soft heart way of saying fuck you."

"Solidarity" by Angelic Upstarts

"Profound band. Their live record Solidarity is amazing, and makes me want to use the platform between songs to voice urgent concern."

"Red Stars Align" by The Guests

"I actually just came across this group by scrolling socialist shit on youtube a few weeks ago. Catchy and political."

"Disarm" by The Smashing Pumpkins

"I saw this played live the other week and cried. Ripped off this strum pattern for Sun Poisoning."

"Police" by Fucked Up

"Sick song from best Canadian punk band of all time."

"Early Sunsets Over Monroeville - My Chemical Romance

"My friend Adam McMillan showed me this record in high school and it got me heavy into it. He was a year older and had his hair dyed black and I wanted to do that too but wasn’t allowed."

"Fite Dem Back" by Linton Kwesi Johnson

"Violent and thoughtful hooks."