A cocktail blend of vintage classics and contemporary favourites, Circa Waves give us their favourite 10Trax to celebrate the release of “Happy” - the first side to their latest album “Sad Happy”!

Post-punk indie rock band Circa Waves are blessing us with their second album release in a year, featuring their signature fun-loving melodies that we’re all obsessed with.


Having previously made waves in the industry, this Liverpool established band have consistently been on their A-game, twice armed with the title “Hottest Record in the World” by the BBC Radio 1 DJ Zane Lowe and album “Young Chasers” reaching the Top Ten UK albums chart. Circa Waves stop at nothing, with “Happy” being the first side to their album “Sad Happy”.


Mixed by Grammy award-winning masterminds Dan Grech-Marguerat and Matt Wiggins, the album carries with it the group’s usual joyous twang whilst covering sensitive themes of modern-day anxieties, self-doubt and fading relationships. The lead single Jacqueline considers an exploration of single motherhood in Britain along with their clichéd infectious indie rock style that will inevitably have you prancing around life.


Lead singer and founder of Circa Waves Kieran Shudall explains how living in a world of two extremes: happiness and sadness is so fascinating yet so surreal and leads to the inspiration of the album title. “Our brains see-saw through emotions at such a rate that happiness and sadness no longer feel mutually exclusive. This maniacal ‘Sad Happy’ mind-maze forms the basis and underpinning to this album.”


And as if this wasn’t enough, the second side to the album “Sad” will be coming out in March later this year, preceding their April headline UK tour. Visiting venues in Glasgow, Keele, Cardiff, Leicester, Norwich, London and Liverpool be sure to grab your tickets now before they inevitably sell out.


Now sit back, relax and absorb this collection of great 10 Trax put together by the band’s bassist Sam Rourke.

"Impeach The President" by The Honeydrippers

"Listening to this a lot at the moment for obvious reasons."

"Home" by Gloria Barnes

"I found this album the other day after going down a Spotify rabbit hole. This track has such an amazing sound, it's all a bit rough around the edges in the best way, it's so full of charm and longing."

"Isn't It A Pity" by Nina Simone

"This is from an amazing live album called Emergency Ward that I found in a record store not long ago. This George Harrison cover has such a powerful vocal performance from Nina with this big dynamic piano backing her up for about 11 minutes. There's something really meditative about it."

"You Aint The Problem" by Michael Kiwanuka

"I love the new Michael Kiwanuka album and this opening song is such a banger, it's got an amazing groove to it."

"Come Back To Earth" by Mac Miller

"I hadn't really listened to Mac Miller much but a friend got me onto him recently with this song. The chords and production are so interesting, it's not what I expected at all and that's always a good thing."

"Every Woman" by Vagabon

"It's so simple and direct but the vocals and lyrics have this haunting quality that sort of stops you in your tracks."

"Fixture Picture" by Aldous Harding

"I love how this song always feels like it's on the edge of dissonance somehow, it's got such a beautiful sound but melodically there's this tension all the way through the verses that's really satisfying."

"Bassackwards" by Kurt Vile

"Such a great groove, basically doesn't do very much for 9 minutes but it sounds so cool that it doesn't matter."

"Beautiful Blue Sky" by Ought

"There's these abstract repetitive lyrics all the way through this song that manage to convey so much meaning without saying a lot."

"Dawn Chorus" by Thom Yorke

"I love the sound of this song, the synths have this big warm analog sound that envelops you when you listen to it, also the chord pattern sounds sort of simple but it's so emotionally powerful that small changes to it have this huge effect on you."

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