As she prepares to drop her new Radio documentary, The Art of Now: The Return of Voguing, get to know Clara Amfo.

DJ and Radio Presenter Clara Amfo is one important lady we should all be listening to through our radio’s every morning. Clara is a beautiful pure soul, making room for all in her community. Besides from being a lover of matcha kit kats, different types of music, Clara is the first black woman to host the mid morning and The Live Lounge show full time on Radio 1, now if that one does not go down in the history books I don’t know what will. Now, hosting brand new “The Return of Voguing” on BBC Radio 4, Diving deep to explore the importance of voguing in the queer, black and Latino scene Amfo assesses the rise of Voguing in the UK by seeking out some of the top voguers and learning a few dance moves to flaunt in the end ball.  Previously interning at KISS FM, Clara decided she wanted a bit of a change. Using her bubbly and energetic voice to create voice-overs for the BBC, Clara decided presenting was her next goal, which she definitely achieved and beyond, an inspiration to show us an intern’s big break is just around the corner with a splash of hard work and determination. Now the spotlight shines on Clara from a spectrum of directions, presenting at some of the most prestigious award ceremonies including the Brit Awards and the most popular premieres and shows on prime time television, Clara Amfo is a prominent voice for our generation who’s spotlight will never dim.

Between event launches, premieres and her own radio show, we get a chance to sit down with Clara as we get to know her 10Trax which she comments “Picking 10 songs is bloody hard, this is my top 10 in this moment, its changed 50 times already!”

Radio 1 presenter Clara Amfo selects her 10Trax. Download BBC Sounds to hear Clara present Radio 4’s The Art of Now: The Return of Voguing, Tuesday 16 April 11:30am.

Everything Is Everything by Lauryn Hill

"Every Lauryn Hill song is a lesson for me and this one is a lesson in self-love and trusting that everything in life will essentially be okay. Lauryn will always be incredibly special to me, growing up and seeing her just be made me and many other young black women feel seen! Her truth is unshakable and 'The Miseducation...' will always be in my collection. I was lucky enough to meet her at the end of last year and it was very surreal. She was incredibly kind and is still as beautiful as ever."

Beep Me 911 by Missy Elliott

"TBH everything Missy has done could be in my top 10 but on this day, I'm gonna say 'Beep me 911' because the beat still sounds incredible. She is a true innovator and your fave's fave, she is aware of her mark on the culture and pays it forward, I love that she collaborated with Lizzo for her new record."

Run To The Sun by N*E*R*D

"As the story goes, Pharrell wrote this song for his grandmother after she passed away and I just that love sentiment. With the theme of everlasting love and proclamation of love to his "girl" it's easy to think that song is about a romantic partner. The melody is so beautiful and bass slaps."

F.U.B.U by Solange

"I wish I could choose the whole of the A Seat At The Table album. It was sooo needed when it was released and all of the songs were personal affirmations for me, I have a great memory of screeching this song at the top of my lungs with a tent full of strangers watching her perform at Lovebox."

Golden Lady by Stevie Wonder

"He is such a gift to the world and nails romance perfectly in this song, feels like a sexy hug on a hot day."

Spottieottiedopaliscious by Outkast

"Even without Andre and Big Boi on this, I could listen to the instrumental all day and still get my life."

I Wish U Heaven by Prince

"His ballads were just as strong as his party tracks and this is that sweet spot in between. I'm still in a bit of disbelief about his passing away, every April 20th since I've waiting for him to announce that it was an elaborate artistic statement."

Know You Now by Amy Winehouse

" Back To Black was brilliant but Amy's first album will always be my go to. Cheeky, vulnerable and honest. She had harder bars than most rappers and her voice was just unreal."

Novocane by Frank Ocean

"This is one of the first songs that I ever heard by him and it struck me, the storytelling is so impressive. If he wanted to, he could churn out run of the mill R&B/Pop chart hits and be THAT guy but resisted. He is one of the most vital artists of the past decade and even though I selfishly find it frustrating as a fan, I respect that he takes his time with releases."

I'd Rather Be With You by Bootsy Collins

"it's just a sexy tune that purrrrrs. You could hear the influence of this all over Childish Gambino's 'Redbone' and has been sampled by so many other artists from Beyonce to 2Pac."


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