Indie rock outfit Dream Wife select 10Trax to get you hyped before a show, with bangers from Le Tigre, Kim Petras and more.

"Clutter" by Jessica Winter, Lynks

Jessica is one of our favourite new artists, she is a musical genius with tracks that make you want to move and sweat.

"Rock Show" by Peaches

It’s a classic and the clue is in the name.

"Le Tigre" by TKO

One of our shared favourite bands, Le Tigre’s sense of fun has always been inspiring to us and this song really encapsulates that. It makes you giddy and dance around like a teenager in their bedroom when nobody’s watching.

"Silly Boy" by Lynks

This track makes you want to get down and dirty and hit the club.

"Every Time We Touch" by Cascada

When we play a gig, this is the song we walk on to. It totally sets the vibe and gets the energy up, banger! It also just makes us laugh and giggle.

"Brrr" by Kim Petras

Kim is a total legend and “Brrr” is a total banger that you can't help but move to.

A classic from the discos of our youth that never gets old.

"Laura" by Scissor Sisters

"Dysphoria" by Tom Rasmussen

I have to see you dance!

"Dancing On My Own" by Robyn

Queen of sad dance anthems, this track is an invitation to move, to feel, and to be free!

"Stupid Horse" by 100 gecs, Laura Les, Dylan Brady

Very very silly, very very fun, very very fast, for very silly, very fun, and very fast times.


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