LA-based duo, Emotional Oranges, pick 10Trax they've got on repeat ATM as they return with new track "Bonafide".

Emotional Oranges have shared the latest cut from their upcoming project ‘JUICEBOX’ with the release of a new single “Bonafide”. Featuring rising soul sensation Chiiild, the track is a woozy, gorgeous offering showcasing the Avant Garden labelmates in rare style.


Speaking on the track, Emotional Oranges state: “We were listening to a lot of Sade and The xx at the time. I wanted to make something that felt like it could score that iconic Black Swan mirror scene. Once we got locked in, Max from slenderbodies helped bring the idea to life in a couple hours. Getting the Chiiild vocals on the hook was the cherry on top – we’ve been looking for the right song to do together since tour”.


Chiiild continues: “‘Bonafide’, like the title, is about a genuine unwavering love. Withstanding the good times and strengthening during the bad”.


Off the back of their successful debut tapes, ‘The Juice: Vol. I’ & ‘The Juice: Vol. II’; bodies of work that have amassed over 200 million streams online, Emotional Oranges are set to be one of the most promising acts in pop music this year.


With the release of their new project on the way, we asked Emotional Oranges to pick 10Trax that they’ve got on repeat at the moment.

"Feel Good Inc." by Gorillaz

"Damon helped pave the way and showed us it was possible to create a world, both musically and visually, without compromising your personal life."

"Shelter" by The xx

"Raw, vulnerable and intimate. Romy has such an angelic voice."

"The Next Episode" by Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg

"If you're from LA, you can rap every lyric to this. Hearing Dre come in on that 2nd verse is still some of the most iconic shit of my childhood lol."

"Radio" by Nonso Amadi

"That guitar riff is hypnotic. I admire how he kept the track centred around 4 elements."

"Baby Boy feat. Beyonce" by Sean Paul

"Sex. And that video, though? COME ONNNNN!"

"So Many Wayz" by DJ Quik

"My favourite slick talker from the West. I can be in Stockholm in the Winter and hearing this will immediately bring me back to PCH in the droptop vibes."

"What's Luv? feat. Ja-Rule & Ashanti" by Fat Joe

"The track sounds fresh to this day... Irv doesn't get the credit he deserves as a producer."

"This Luv" by Donell Jones

"This is unequivocally my shit, no explanation needed!"

"The Boy Is Mine feat. Monica" by Brandy

"Brandy has always had the iLLest, most effortless delivery. V channelled her energy all throughout the project."

"jasmine - demo" by Jai Paul

"The song (and album) that taught me not to overthink. One of the most thoughtful lyricists of our generation."

Stream Emotional Oranges' new single "Bonafide" below:

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