Immerse yourself in GLORIA's dark and twisted realm as the outsider curates an eclectic playlist that embodies everything great about this rising queen.

If you’re new to GLORIA then be prepared to fall head over heels with the enigmatic songstress who weavers between the light and the dark, all the while enchanting you with her heavenly vocals.


Defining the sound GLORIA has crafted with her hands and heart is something that not particularly easy to do. A melting pot of punk, pop, RnB and hip-hop is GLORIA’s secret concoction to this devilish potion she has created within her new EP ‘TESTIFY’. Defining herself as an everchanging modern woman who is not confined by societal needs to trap her in a box is the reason why GLORIA is the breath of fresh air we all needed. A voice for the outsiders, the misfits and self-confessed weirdos – GLORIA is paving the way into a new direction with her avant-garde and boundary-breaking visuals and tracks.


An artist in the truest sense, GLORIA’s talent spills into many mediums – her visual world and identity go hand-in-hand with the sonic world to create a surreal and addictive universe that is entirely GLORIA. The accompanying short film titled ‘TESTIFY’ features ‘Friends’ and ‘Second Chances’ suspends the viewer between reality and fantasy to tell the story of the ever virtual world we live in. Stripped back, GLORIA is simply living and tell her truth through her honest and vulnerable lyricism. The art that surrounds her is simply how GLORIA tells her truth, sheds her skin and evolves into the new form she takes on.


Already making her debut performance at Glastonbury earlier this year, and opening for artists like Mykki Blanco, Koey Radical, GAIKA and Flohio, be prepared to be hearing and seeing a lot more of this talented woman. Until then, dig your teeth into GLORIA’s curated playlist below!


GLORIA will play a secret location in London on October 24th – grab a ticket here.

"I Hate You So Much Right Now" by Kelis

"This track was the first track I ever saw a woman with a defiant attitude. For 'U UP?' I thought about this delivery a lot. It's pop, it's punk, it's still viby. Love it."

"Love Song Of A Vampire" by Annie Lennox

"Everything about this song, it's so beautifully put together. It's simple, it's haunting and it was a big inspiration for 'Second Chances'. To create that mystic in a song, something that builds organically and lingers. Gaika introduced me to this... he has great taste in music."

"Lose Your Head" by Nova Twins

"This is a new band to me, I love the female screaming energy. It's how I try and use my voice in U UP? Can't beat that screaming energy. They remind me of Skin the way they scream. One of my muses."

"Bounce" by Timbaland

"A good inspiration for AART for 'U Up'? Serious old school nostalgia of me in clubs when I hear this."

"Limerance" by Yves Tumour

"I love the simplicity of this, it's so beautiful it was a big inspiration for 'Left Behind'. Stripped back, emotive, slightly weird. Great."

"Ugly" by Bubba Sparxxx

"I was a massive Timberland fan, I think he could do no wrong. We all were. So this song has to be in here."

"Reclaiming My Time" by Vjuan Allure

"That booty house, vogue house vibe had a big impact on 'U UP?' I wanted to create something that eluded to the genre but played around in the RNB shadows."

"DNA" by Aisha Devi

"Love the way she plays with her voice it's haunting and the dripping of the instrumental keeps you wanting more. AART and I worked together to create haunting vocals on 'Second Chances' and 'Left Behind'."

"Thuggish Ruggish Bone" by Bone Thugs and Harmony

"This is a perfect example of the west coast rap that runs through most of the tracks on the EP, especially 'Friends' serious low blow vibes. Love how her voice cuts through the heavy basslines, groovy. It makes me want to get lean."

"BU" by OKZHARP & Manthe Ribane

"I love the muted, chilled out RNB, merging between hip hop, RNB and electronica... a great inspiration both visually and musically... a vibe. Love the slap of that bass. Pow. Really like the Hyperdub sounds."