Electronic wonder kid Happa was producing club hit remixes before he could even get on the dance floor himself. We got the maestro to select the 10trax that are moving him this summer with his own "Only Darkness" track.

Discovered by Four Tet at age 14 after Loafah played a rip of his music on a Rinse FM show, Happa was catapulted into a trajectory towards fame that hasn’t slowed since.


Making a name for himself with his unique blend of industrial, bass-techno mixes, the then Leeds based artist jumped from one strength to the next, working alongside artists such as Halle, David Byrne and started his own label, PT5. Never one to rest on his laurels, Happa moved to London from Leeds earlier this year to expand his career and explore new sonic horizons.


With a trilogy of new releases, starting with “Only Light”, the producer is revamping his music, bringing a glowing new sound that reverberates with the blissful energy of the dance floor. “Only Darkness” is the counterpart, an eerie, claustrophobic tunnel of comedown energy. The new music cements Happa’s talents to tap into the beat of every crowd, radiating irrepressible energy that is made for sleepless summer nights. Only Darkness featuring Shame is out now on Fnord Communications. Listen here


Blending acid house with EDM, Happa is proving that again and again, he is on the forefront of the electronic scene as a powerhouse producer that will enchant your earwaves.

"Island Cry" by Rahsaan Roland Kirk

"I listen to a lot of jazz whilst I clean the house these days. Not sure why!? This one sends me into some sort of a dishwashing trance."

"Dangerous Match 3" by Scientist

"I’ve been rinsing this album on repeat like shampoo for the last couple months now. This tune in particular is such a banger."

"Osiris" by Senay

"This is some of the coolest production i’ve heard on a hip hop tune in ages. So classic yet real unique sounding."

"Pq Cq" by DJ Python

"Dulce Compañia was one of my favourite albums of 2017 and this is already one of my favourite EP’s this summer. Sounds like Ambient Works got a Reggeaton remix."

"Do You Love Her Now" by Jai Paul

"I was so happy to see the return of Jai Paul the other month. He was one of my producer-idols when I was younger and he sent me on a sidechain frenzy for a coupe of months, trying to recreate his sound. Love this new direction he’s taken."

"ATAXIA_A2" by Rian Treanor

"Pure iiiiiiccceeee!"

"yu dnt" by Turinn

"Love this crunchy style of production. Very Modern love! Sound like some lost concrète tape, repurposed for the ‘floor."

"Flex/Bliss" by Rainer Veil

"The groove on this is wicked. It feels like it’s falling in and out of triplets, and comes out sounding like a Kwaito and UK Garage lovechild."

"I Knew You Would Respond" By Heim

"This ones equally intriguing as it is sexy; rolling through its irregular loop, luring you into some mysterious unknown. Love it!"

"Nepenthe" by Anna Homler & Steven Warwick

Another one with a real mystery about it. I imagine this what alien hymns sound like when they’re at alien church on alien Sunday."