HOMESHAKE, the dream-pop recording project of Peter Sagar, reveals the top 10 Trax that inspire his hazy and tender sonic world.

The former Mac DeMarco guitarist, HOMESHAKE, makes music that is hard to be defined by. Wavering between the softness of Lo-Fi bedroom-pop, to the loose and effortless riffs of indie rock. No matter what you call it, it’s undeniably great music.


The Canadian artist, on his latest LP ‘Helium‘, splices in lyrical content that appears submissively chill at first but tackles social anxiety, technological advances and the extroverted mask we sometimes show to the world. The great thing about HOMESHAKE is his ability to progress with each new project – whether it’s venturing into smooth jazz, concoctions of experimental R&B that inflict waves of nostalgia all the while being serenaded by his falsetto. Listening to the projects HOMESHAKE has released over the years – from ‘Midnight Snack‘ to ‘Fresh Air‘ and now ‘Helium’, it’s clear there’s a thread of vulnerability that ties them all together, even when Sagar’s dips in and out of his idiosyncratic sounds.


Progressing with his interest in defining his own sound with this new ambient and electronic world, HOMESHAKE’s synths began to take over his guitar-led early work. After binge-digesting Haruki Murakami’s work, ‘Helium’ was born where the narrator of the tracks, either Sagar or someone else, is tackling the modern world whilst feeling isolated, even if there is an air of hope to the tracks.


With the release of HOMESHAKE’s ‘Helium Remixes‘, we get the artist to let us peek behind the curtain of his inspirations with the top 10 Trax that he is listening to right now.

"Paradise Valley" by Jay Daniel

"I just heard this yesterday I really like it."

"Lucky Number 12" by Acemoma

"This was on during a crazy thunderstorm last night it was cool."

"Cuando" by DJ Python

"Also just heard this yesterday and really like it."

"FR Shawty" by Stefan Ringer

"Also also just heard this yesterday, also really like it."

"Aquaphoria" by Kelela

"This mix is so smooth and beautiful it’s exactly the things I like."

"Clean Heart" by Sade

"A classic."

"Wipeout" by Moon Diagrams

"Moses is a cool guy and his music sounds great."

"Octagonal Room" by Salami Rose Joe Louis

"This song is so weird I’m very excited for the whole album to release."

"Nocturne" by Ana Roxanne

"This is real great to cool down after a long day so beautiful."

"Nights That Won't Happen" by Purple Mountains

"I can’t stop thinking about how he’s gone now and have been listening to this constantly."


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