We get the Swedish pop stars who have continued to set dancefloors alight with their feel-good hedonistic songs to spill the beans on their top 10trax.

You may remember Icona Pop from their track “I Love It” which was pretty much played everywhere in the summer of 2012, and probably 2013 also.


Starting out as DJs before making the leap into pop stardom was pretty effortless for Icona Pop when it came to their knowledge of production, hedonistic antics that make for great lyrics and overall explosive energy. The girls are all about having fun, partying until the morning and sisterly love. That’s not to say the duo aren’t putting in the work. With a string of big releases throughout the year featuring the likes of Afrojack and Ricky Retro. Plus pretty much touring at every Pride event possible – the girls are definitely having a good time while making feel-good music.


With the release of their latest single “Next Mistake”, you’ll have to have this on loop and check out their top 10trax until we get some more Icona Pop in our lives.

"Topdown" by Channel Tres

"Really enjoying what Channel Tres is doing. Love his sound and super exited to see where this is going. its a perfect combo of sexiness and coolness. Its exactly what you wanna hear the early hours at the club."

"We Got That Cool" by Yves V ft. Afrojack & Icona Pop

"We've been obsessing about the 90s for so long, so here is a celebration to one of the all time big sounds."

"Praise You (Purple Disco Machine Remix)" by Fatboy Slim

"This song is such a legendary song and to hear it after years and years in a more disco vibe makes it hard to standstill."

"It Goes On (Vox)" by Storm Queen

"This old one has been in our playlist for a very long time. Just can't get enough."

"Next Mistake" by Icona Pop

"Our new single. As a We said before we love the 90s and sense we don’t have a time machine we've decided to bring the 90s back to us."

"Strawberrys" by Kito

"She is an amazing producer and a friend. We've been writing quite a lot with her and can't wait to hear all the new stuff coming up. Keep your ears open!"

"I Can't Stand The Rain" by Tina Turner

"She is a genius. And it was hard to choose a song from her. But this one is probably one of the most played one this year."

"Freak On Me" by Ricky Retro feat. Icona Pop

"One of the coolest cowboys we've met. We went into the studio for a couple of hours and made some magic. Our goal was to do something that we would love to dance to ourselves. Think we did a splendid job."

"Tahult In" by Tinariwen

"Been trying to see them live for years. But have not yet succeeded. Even though they sing in a language which I don´t speak, you can truly experience and feel the music in a deep beautiful way. This desert blues band is something that Ive been turning to cuite a lot throughout my years, and it really touches me."

"I Owe You Nothing" by Seinabo Sey

"Her deep strong voice, her lyrics, the calm when she sings to you on stage, the gospel vibe mixed with all the cool beats. Just an amazing combo."