Explore the 10trax chosen by the mysterious and enigmatic indie-rock band ISLAND.

ISLAND is not your average indie band. This London based-quartet were touring sold-out Scala before they signed with any label and their debut EP, “Girl”, garnered millions of streams.

Each release since then has built upon this rocket start to cement the fervent following of ISLAND’s visceral, rock-tinged indie sound. Their music blends ambitious guitar work and powerful lyrics with trademark feet-tapping melodies and ambient influences. ISLAND’s explosive sound is made for live arena-sized shows and it’s easy to see why they’ve risen to acclaim in the festival circuits. Their latest album “The Day I Die” pairs pop melodies with the rich, edged texture of their earlier work to bring a renewed energy to their repertoire.

What’s so intriguing about ISLAND is the subtle mystery that surrounds them. Not to be pigeonholed as an emerging indie band – their wealth of knowledge and references varying from ambient, math rock and indie has woven their music into something mature and original. Without saying, this could be their formula to success since the early days.

We caught with up ISLAND ahead of festival season to get the 10trax that have always followed them through life as favourites, and what tracks are exciting them right now.

"Giving Up" by Whitney

"Gorgeous new track from of our favourites, perfect soundtrack to the rainy English summer."

"Houseplants" by Squid

"We first saw these guys at a tiny show in Austin at SXSW. It's insane and we love it. "

"Don't Know How To Keep Loving You" by Julia Jacklin

"One of the many standout tracks from her incredible second record which came out this year. A real touring van favourite."

"I Wanna Be Your Dog" by The Stooges

"Sometimes a song you’ve forgotten about comes back to you in life and the timing is perfect. This tune is the embodiment of attitude."

"Na Daadihi (Guide Us) " by 4 Mars

"Makes it sunny when it’s not."

"Flatiron" by Suzanne Kraft

"Sometimes you need to distance yourself from reality a bit, this tune is ideal for those moments."

"Yo Mae Leh" - Invisible Minds

"Another find from our recent US tour. Think our manager was spinning this one in the van & it’s been on repeat since."

"Just Like You" by Viagra Boys

"Easily one of the best post-punk bands around right now. Their live show gets pretty rowdy - especially when they get the giant tennis balls out."

"Oblivions" by The Nationals

"Pretty impossible not to well up when watching the short film for their new album ’I Am Easy To Find’."

"To Be" by Foxwarren

"We’re all massive Andy Shauf fans - so naturally all massive fans of his side-project too."