Our latest new obsession, Izzy Camina, curates a 10Trax playlist of songs that helped her on her journey of creating her latest EP 'Nihilist In The Club'.

Izzy Camina is becoming the voice of an online generation who are navigating their way through the tumultuous landscape we find ourselves in.


Camina’s prolific, humourous and cutting writing holds no bounds as she journals her frustrations, tensions and sometimes apathetic takes on the 21st Century. From soft boys to identity struggles, Izzy’s EP ‘Nihilist In The Club’ feels like a current body of work that perfectly represents the culture we are engrossed in.


Weavering from bedroom pop with her Lo-Fi production to dark electronica, Camina’s world is a window in the minds of many 20-somethings. If Izzy’s idiosyncratic writing doesn’t first grab you, then her swirling and infectious pop hooks will memorise you with her ominous beats wanting you to come back for more.


What shines the brightest from ‘Nihilist In The Club’ is Izzy endearing and bubbling personality – the anti-hero you always wanted to root for as she tells it exactly how it is with no sugarcoating. ‘Nihilist In The Club’ is the breath of fresh air we all really needed in these trying times, so we can only thank Izzy for giving us bops to dance in our kitchen to on a Friday night. What’s better is that we got Izzy to curate a 10Trax of songs that helped her through the creation of the EP, and her taste is *chefs kiss*.


Dive into the playlist below before diving into ‘Nihilist In The Club’ as we all end up turning into nihilist’s in our own homes for the foreseeable future.

"Opus III" by Fine Day

"Super cool, nostalgia factor aside. My sister showed me the music video while we were spitballing visual ideas. Heavy production, soft vocal is my modus operandi."

'Are You Still a Lover" by Sassy 009

"I just discovered Sassy 009. I've rinsed her discography. I'm held hostage by her music, utterly captivating."

"Archangel" by Burial

"I did a lot of conveyor belt “writing sessions” when I moved to LA. It’s like speed dating for people that make music, except your matchmaker is somebody who works in the music industry (yay!). Anyways, I had a session where I suggested, “burial, but we’ll make it pop”, which is fucking cringe but whatevs, it worked."

"Catastrophe Anthem" by Clark

"Sometimes I want to self destruct/self sabotage, especially when finalizing an idea or project. At those times, there is shelter to be found in a song like this."

"I Wanna Be Adored" by The Stone Roses

"This song slaps. A timeless banger. These guys are my style icons, my fashion moodboard. Silliness aside, when you release art for public consumption, criticism makes the adoration so much sweeter. In order to release this EP, I had to come to terms with that desire."

"Nine Out Of Ten" by Caetano Veloso

"I love laying in bed and doing absolutely nothing. I find it alarmingly easy to crawl into the arms of apathy instead of checking important life-admin boxes. However, I hate the guilt associated with non productivity, so this is one of my tactical “get the fuck up” songs. Go outside! Wind the windows down, let the sunbeams kiss your cheeks and listen to the palm leaves whisper overhead! You’re alive."

"Security" by Porches

"I am nervous about the future, all I want in life is a sense of security. Emotionally, financially, socially. I’m always striving for a bit of community, or a figurative nest. In a new city (LA) with no network, I fell into self isolation. While investing so much time into the music, visuals, and entire “package”. I couldn’t help but ask myself - is it worth it? Will it work out?"

"K-9" by Show Me the Body

"Had the pleasure of seeing Show Me the Body live in LA while putting this EP together. They are from New York, and I’m from Jersey, so that show was a comfort."

"Saturn" by Greentea Peng

"On an expedition to shoot some visuals outside of London last fall, I crashed my rental car into a bus in Croydon while listening to Greentea Peng. Additionally, I love astrology. I often contemplate the archetype of Saturn. I think crashing into a bus on the way to something fun is a very Saturnian thing to happen, yeah."

"Infinite Freeze Frame" by Vegyn

"A song I’ve listened to many times over the past year."