As she prepares to compère for Years & Years at the O2, the model and activist selects her top #10Trax.

Model. Campaigner. Trans Activist. Piers Morgan’s #1 Competition; just a few of the titles that you might most associate with the phenomenal Munroe Bergdorf. Since her controversial sacking from the L’Oreal campaign which spring-boarded her into the public eye, she’s undeniably helped to bring LGBT issues to the forefront, and isn’t scared to speak her mind on matters that most would shy away from. A regular campaigner for trans visibility and racism equality, over the past year she’s gone head-t0-head with Piers Morgan on gender issues, had a stint as an LGBT advisor for the Labour Party and has appeared in a short film reading Maya Angelou’s poem “Still I Rise”.

But what you probably don’t know about Bergdorf is that she is a big music fan. Tonight (Wednesday 5th December) she will compère for Years &  Years at their O2 Arena gig, which will also include the bands Rendezvous project, which Olly has conceived to shine a light on the LGBT community and bring together queer voices. As she prepares to grab the mic on-stage at the o2 Arena, we tasked Bergdorf with serving up her favourite #10Trax right now – and there’s some very unexpected additions.

"Candy" by Slayyyter

"This is my ultimate getting ready to go out song, it instantly puts me in a mischievous mood, listen and you'll find out why *WINK*"

"Boo! Bitch!" by Kim Petras

"Kim is such a babe and the trans pop-star that we deserve. Her Halloween theme album is iconic."

"Nonchalant" by 6LACK

"I love listening to 6LACK's music and the end of a long day. His lyrics are next level and I'm always discovering new layers each time I listen."

"Hallelujah" by Shy Girls

"Shy Girls is so underrated. The vocals and the beat of this song will get you feeling yourself, or someone else..."

"Sicko Mode" by Travis Scott

"I slept on this tune for so long but now I'm obsessed"

"Checklist" by Normani x Calvin Harris ft. Wizkid

"This song took me a few listens to realise how genius it is, it's definitely a grower, but once you're hooked, you're hooked. I can't wait for her debut album."

"Honey" by Robyn

"I'm a huge Robyn fan and this song is a classic. Deep and rumbling, smooth and sexy vibes."

"when the party's over" by Billie Eilish

"I'm one of those girls who loves to listen to emo music if I'm a bit down and have a good cry. So this song is great for those moments, feel it all and let out the tears!"

"100 Bad" by Tommy Genesis

"This is definitely another getting ready anthem. The beat is filthy and the lyrics are everythinggggg."

"12:01" by Allana Verde ft. Mercston

"This song is hypnotisingly beautiful. I love her voice. It's just a sexy sexy tune to be honest…"

"I'm On That" by The Manor

"I LOVE THE MANOR. Three awesome lads who put out consistently big tunes."

"POWER" by YG x Ty Dolla $ign

"Turn this one up and get ready to pop your back out…"

"Rage" by Rico Nasty

"This song is perfect if you're feeling angry AF and want to jump around on your bed and get the frustration out. It's like listening to GTA in a song."

"Monster Sirens" by CHINAH

"This song is from their amazing album called ANYONE. I usually listen to this track before bed, it's gorgeous."

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