With the release of Nick Hakim's sophomore album 'Will This Make Me Good', we get the musical polymath to curate a playlist of tracks he can't stop spinning.

The world that Nick Hakim’s music sits in is full of oxymorons – melancholic happiness, lost hope and calm psychedelia that washes over you.


Hakim’s latest album, ‘Will This Make Me Good’, is a perfect example of this intersection where Nick creates his sonic universes. Exploring Hakim’s subconscious with the lyricism in ‘Will This Make Me Good’ is transcendent within itself – sometimes the music you listen to guides into your own realm, however, with Hakim’s music, it thrusts you into his world and your own world simultaneously.


With a soulful emotive voice, Hakim’s work has a sensibility of nostalgia intertwined throughout his tracks – modern and old at all once, Hakim’s truly an idiosyncratic artist that creates his music as a form of escapism.


We caught up with Nick back in March, just before the release of his album (pre-lockdown). With crazy times still happening in the world, we caught up with Nick again and asked him to curate a playlist of songs that he can’t stop playing for your listening pleasure below.

"Power Flower" by Stevie Wonder

"Incredible melodies and chord progression / harmonies. The band sounds incredible on this."

"Practice" by Freddie Gibbs & Madlib

"What incredible lyrics and sample, donny hathaway flip".

"Do You Love Her Now" by Jai Paul

"I love how the bass is pedalling on one note for most of the song."

"Sweet Exorcist" by Curtis Mayfield

"I think Curtis is one of the most thoughtful lyricists."

"Skin Made Of Gold" by Pink Siifu

"Nathan Bajar produced this track with Siifu, I love both of them."

"My Love For You" by ESG

"That song is pure energy and incredibly direct lyrics. Energy!"

"Is It All Over My Face?" Loose Joints

"That song feels so good, that's just how it is."

"Magnolia" by Jorge Ben

"One of my favourite singers. This song is magic."

"Thank You" by Bonnie Raitt

"My friend Abe Rounds sent me this. It's a beautiful song. I love her songwriting."

"I'm In Love" by Jennifer Lara

"This song has perfect parts, it's danceable, I love her voice."


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