Introducing OTHERLiiNE, the debut project from the combined minds of George FitzGerald and Lil Silva. Get ready for this duo to be your new house heroes with their prolific new track 'Hates Me'.

The OTHERLiiNE project was born out of a reaction to the excessive and maximalist music industry that demands and expects release after release.


As the tides begin to slowly shift, OTHERLiiNE are here to be your new anti-heroes – a match made in house heaven – that is something entirely new yet inclusive. Speaking about the forthcoming project release George FitzGerald revealed “It’s not 50 per cent me, 50per cent Lil Silva – it’s this third thing. Together we’re something else, something more, it’s become another entity.”


‘Hates Me’ is the perfect embodiment of the pillars that make up OTHERLiiNE – emotive, melancholic, joyous and entirely human. Unsurprisingly, ‘Hates Me’ premiered on Annie Mac’s Hottest Record. The forthcoming OTHERLiiNE project is designed to take the listener through an emancipating journey of outstanding elegance and otherworldly joy. It’s clear that FitzGerald and Silva needed to unleash everything that was already in them but had been clouded by an industry that operates as a relentless beast.


The wonderful thing about OTHERLiiNE is the craftsmanship behind the soundscape these two Midas producers have created. Expect to hear a lot more OTHERLiiNE on the airwaves and start your Friday night off the right way with their curated playlist below!

"For Love" by Jacques Greene

"The best track from his amazing new album."

"Wait For Now (Pepe Bradock's Wobbly Mix)" by The Cinematic Orchestra

"Two legends combining to make something sublime."

"Burn" by Joy Orbison feat. Infinite & Mansur Brown

"This is a beautiful low-key banger. Joy O is on such good form recently."

"A Younger Version Of Myself" by Telefon Tel Aviv

"It's so nice to see TTA return after Charles Cooper died 10 years ago. This whole album is a really fitting continuation of their sound."

"EARFQUAKE (Channel Tres Remix)" by Tyler The Creator

"Channel Tres is a really fascinating artist. He flips this remix so well."

"Back To Basics (Floating Points remix)" by Headie One & Skepta

"Big contender for track of the year. Unexpected but it just works so well."

"Gone" by Romare

"Heard this one recently and just loved how Romare has managed to perfectly blend the warmth with the harsh bassline... It fits so well."

"Good Enough" by Jim-E Stack

"I’ve been a fan of Jim-E’s since the ‘Come Between’ EP, he’s really fine tuned his sound, he’s completely in his own lane and this track shows this off in a big way."

"Dumebi" by Rema

"This was my summer tune, Rema is still so young but he came out of nowhere with this one and it blew me away. I love it."

"Teardrops" by Kano

"Everything about this album and the way Kano pieced it together was perfect and needed. It's an honest body of work and a sign of the times we live in - Gwarn Kano!"


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