Our favourite Leeds-via-London duo, Prospa, are helping us dance through lockdown with their latest release 'Ecstasy (Over & Over)' and a curated playlist of anthems below.

Cementing their status in the electronic universe as the duo with the heat, Prospa is rightfully throwing the 90s glory raving days into 2020 (lockdown included) with the release of their latest banger ‘Ecstasy (Over & Over)’.


Taking it way back to the old school days, Prospa is becoming champions at energizing the Hacienda heyday sessions by throwing the spirit of the infamous 90s raving scene with the modern melting-pop of electronica in 2020. As you’re all aware, we’re trudging through unprecedented times – however, Prospa wants you to know that sometimes the best sessions are the ones in your bedroom or kitchen.


Stripping rave culture back to its core – it’s the spirit of raving that is grossly embedded within the duo’s new single. Wavering and pouring from their idiosyncratic beats and pulsating synths, ‘Ecstasy (Over & Over)’ is one idyllic track of euphoric raving as the track builds into its climax.


Speaking on the latest track, the boys revealed, “This track is very special to us, it’s the one that most people have asked us about in our sets, one that we feel is a step forward in our sound yet still has our watermark. We hope everyone feels the love from this song in such a time.”


We got the boys who are helping us get through lockdown to curate a 10Trax playlist of anthems for your listening pleasure!

"Something In The Way" by Nirvana


"Nevermind was the first ever album my parents bought for me when I was very young. Despite my age this song struck such a chord with me, even though I didn’t have an absolute clue what any of the lyrics even meant. It was the sad melancholic melodies that had a HUGE impact on what would soon be my rocker life as a kid growing up in Leeds with hair down to my arse."

"Omen" by The Prodigy

"The year was 2009, I was 11 and my dad had taken me to my first Glasto. The whole weekend we were seeing all of the old legends like Neil Young and Bruce Springsteen (I wasn’t so into electronic music as I was still obsessed with being a rocker). We go to the Other Stage and I couldn’t believe what I heard and saw! The energy, the fucking lights, the crowd!! I remember hearing ‘Omen' and my whole life changed. From then on I was in love with electronic music. Skip to 10 years later we played the WOW stage and to this day it's our greatest gig in my eyes, it holds deep sentimental value."

"Players" by Slum Village

"I was skiing somewhere in France about 7 years ago I think, around the time we had just started Prospa. All I remember is looking out at night into the cold mountains and listening to this song and feeling like I was entering a trance of ultimate euphoria. Me and Gosha have always been huge fans of J Dilla’s work and take massive creative inspiration from his drums, chords and just that general real raw vinyl classic sound."

"So Beautiful" by Robert Glasper

"In recent years I've taken quite an interest into Glasper for his unique musicality when it comes to interesting chords, use of time signatures and style. When I first heard this song I was in awe of the whole aesthetic and then became obsessed with jazz and classical."

"Scappa" by Alessandro Cortini


"This is my favourite electronic ambient piece of music at the moment. Every night for months I would listen to it over and over. It's simply just one of those songs you cannot get bored of. I sometimes wonder, how can such a piece of art fit so many emotions into one song? Smooth yet so hard, sad but still happy. The ultimate comedown piece that is perfect for the end of the night wherever you may be."

"All I Need" by Clams Casino

"I first discovered him from his productions on A$AP Rocky’s LIVE.LOVE.A$AP. I had that album on repeat for a long time and fell in love with his spacey aesthetic. All his beats are works of art but ‘All I Need' is up there with ‘I'm God’ and ‘Bass’ as my most played Clams Casino beats."

"We Disappear" by John Hopkins

"Hopkins is the perfect example of an electronic producer who will stand the test of time. In today's world of simple rolling club tunes, someone who really goes in on the production should get the credit they deserve. In my eyes Jon Hopkins is a god. Seriously, the aesthetic he creates through his attention to detail is astounding. He will always stand out to me and I look forward to what he has to come next. This is a legendary tune that I have listened to many many times."

"Lovahorts" by Knxwledge

"This is a great example of a producer with a raw musical talent who stays true to his craft. To me, Knx is a modern day Dilla with a touch more psychedelia. Listening to his beats takes me to another planet and simultaneously feels like I'm hurtling through a time machine. I first heard his music when his beats were used by Joey Badass in his 2012 track ‘Killuminati’."

"Tree Synthesisers" by Jonny Greenwood

"If someone asked me to show them a perfect modern film score, I would have to play them Jonny Greenwood's soundtrack to You Were Never Really Here. Film scores are becoming more textural and gesture-based and I find this much more intriguing than traditional film composition. This piece is soft and infinitely relaxing when listened to in isolation. But heard in the context of the film it reaches a whole new level of emotive beauty. The piece feels tender, close and heartwarming, which in my eyes makes it desperately sad as these are emotions absent from the protagonist (Joaquin Phoenix)."

"I Bite Through It" by Oneohtrix Point Never

"I am forever weighing up what is my favourite OPN tune. This one for me takes the cake. It has a crazy intensity I've never heard in a tune with so little drums. I love the variation of sections and crazy midi acoustic guitar sounding parts. This piece to me in sounds like an extension of classical music but put into a modern soundscape and 150 per cent more fucked in the head. Seriously though, it's amazing."


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