British electronic music producer Ross From Friends aka Felix Clary Weatherall shares his top ten tracks following the release of his igniting EP “Epiphany”.

Ross From Friends quickly made a respected name for himself by illustrating his ability to switch and progress sonically across musical styles demonstrated in his debut album “Family Portrait”. Constructing his new EP with the dance-floor at the forefront of his mind, he discussed how he wanted to make music that could be played in a club: “I constantly wanted to take a step back and think about the structures in a more conventional sense, particularly with the track Phantom Ratio. I wanted to challenge myself to make a weird club track.”


Embedding strands of house, techno, jazz and ambient music, Weatherall has created a distinct sound that only he could effortlessly pull off. His unique identity has garnered the attention of fans and critics worldwide, with a sold-out live-show at London’s EartH as well as a number of high-profile festival performances including Coachella, Glastonbury and Sonar By Day.


Whilst his debut album was dedicated in part to his parents, ‘Epiphany’ is a homage to his sister which he describes as “one of the most important role models I have.” Whilst the EP is more refined and bolder than his acclaimed debut, his affability and personality still remains at the foreground. Alongside its release, Ross From Friends dropped the neuroleptic visual to accompany the EP’s title track ‘Epiphany’ and caught up with us to share his top ten tracks at the moment which you can check out below.

"Signs" by James Shinra

"I’m a huge fan of everything Shinra has put out. This is emotive and evocative electronic music for the headphones and clubs alike. He's deserved more attention for a long time, can’t wait to hear what he does next."

"Entropy" by Special Request

"Special Request AKA Paul Woolford seems to live and breathe brilliant dance music. Everything he does is really high quality and its impressive how much he releases too. This is taken from his 2nd of 4 LP’s coming on Houndstooth. The album is made up of lost material from a box of cassettes Woolford found when moving house."

"Walking In The Dark" by Metronomy

"Amazing new song from my favourite band making music at the moment. Joseph Mount's melodic choices are second to none."

"Wild Chamber" by Upsammy

"I’ve not had a chance to see Upsammy DJ yet but all her productions are ace and everyone keeps telling me what a great DJ she is. She put this album out earlier on the year and this is the perfect kind of music to both spin me out and relax me."

"Push It Along" by Ras G

"I was really sad to hear the Brainfeeder co-founder passed away recently. We'd never met, but he was a pivotal part of the LA beats scene and a big inspiration to me. There's no way I'd be doing what I was doing if it wasn't for Ras. RIP xxx"

"Murky Waters" by Cameo Blush

"Cameo Blush is the alias of John (saxophonist and keys) in the Ross From Friends live show. It's awesome seeing my best pal make brilliant music. This is my favourite tune of his to date and has been released via Nick Höppners label on the same day as my EP!"

"Eucalyptus & Lavender / So Help Me (DOG)" by PBDY

"Part of the Brainfeeder crew, he does so much to help me out, then I heard this insane music that he made—I couldn't quite believe it. I love everything about the label and am very happy to be releasing music through them."

"Dubber funk" by Buttechno

"First heard Buttechno on this Russian skate video years ago. It's awesome to see him gain recognition for his music since then."

"Vent" by Placid Angles

"John Beltran is a proper unsung hero from where I’m sitting. Magicwire put this out earlier this year, the guys a genius and he has an amazing back catalogue too."

"Epiphany" by Ross From Friends

"My manager said that I should be plugging my own music so I put this in here."

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