To celebrate Shanti Celeste’s exclusive new track “Fluffy” on Saoirse’s fabric presents remix, we asked the long-time collaborators for 10 tracks they love to blast at festivals.

Globally respected DJ and producer Saoirse has been announced as the next artist up to release a fabric presents compilation. Out from the 14th of July, the mix is a timeless set of tracks that transitions from moody techno and trippy grooves into pumping bass. Saoirse delivers a groundbreaking 70 minutes to bring listeners into her electronic realm. 


For the project, she’s enlisted the talent of long-time friend and collaborator Shanti Celeste on exclusive record, “Fluffy”. Across 6:25 minutes of thumping bass, she effortlessly seeds her electric flair, delivering ultimate energy. 


“Fluffy” follows Saoirse’s brand new single for the mix, “RM 1”. It’s a high-energy techno house track to soundtrack this summer and a true standout on the list. Speaking on fabric presents, the Dublin-hailer shares, “To find myself sitting among my biggest heroes – words can’t explain how good it feels, but it feels f*cking good.”


Ahead of the mix’s mid-July release, Saoirse and Shanti Celeste rounded up 10 of their top festival tracks to get us in our summer feels. 


Saoirse’s Picks

"Startrack" by Nikki Nair

"I've been opening a lot of my sets with this face melter, it really belongs in big open spaces as the acid travels so good through the air and creates real tension. Always gets a big whoop when the breakbeat boots in!"

"Fluffy" by Shanti Celeste

"Shanti literally bounced this from her mixing desk to my USB and I played it that day at my trUst party in May 2022, it got such a brilliant reaction I pulled her over to the booth and said "please let me release this", was delighted when she agreed!"

"Space Beats" by Robert James

"Creepy, eerie, groovy tech house that sounds amazing super slow or super fast. Catchy vocals you'll find singing in your head for days after."

"69" by Uniiqu3

"I loop this on top of tracks mostly, a killer vocal for layering and then heavy bass line to drop in and out, amazing tool."

"No Team in Lozano" by Luca Lozano

"Psychedelic techno from a master producer, very trippy and emo, love so much of his work."

Shanti Celeste’s Picks

"Sonar Plexus" by Sidney Charles

"I've been playing this loads lately because it's just a nice builder, it has the kind of groove i'm a sucker for and a deepness to it whilst still being a banger and getting you to that hands in the air moment."

"Spectral Fusion" by Vince Watson

"This one by Essense (aka Vince Watson) is so gorgeous, the bassline is so nice and the whole thing is just a beautiful journey. Perfect for when I want to have a deep moment in a set but don't want the energy to drop, the drums are still quite jacking so you don't lose momentum."

"Rm1" by Saoirse

"I love this one from Saoirse! I'm a sucker for a vocal and a house organ so this one had me in the first three seconds when I heard it, goes without saying it slams every time I play it. The vocal is a proper earworm and I'm always finding myself walking around singing it in the street."

"Dondoni" by Nachtbraker

"This is such a banger, that bassline gets me every time especially after the break when it all comes back in. The euphoria in the main synth just makes you want to fly but at the same time the drums and bass just make you want to stomp and jump around, been rinsing this one."

"Jumping (Deep House Mix)" by Trevor Rockcliffe

"I love a skippy housey number and this one is super energetic and always gets people going when i play it, sick bassline too. tbh Trevor Rockcliffe just has so many bangers, you can easily go down a wormhole and find so many good tracks, he's been a solid go to starting point when I'm digging for years now."

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