In typical genre-spanning style, London-based DJ Saoirse selects 10trax that mean something to her: from Bill Evans and Björk, to Dee Dee Brave.

Having spent the best part of the last 15 years collecting records, Irish born London-based DJ Saoirse has built a name for herself as selector with a genre-spanning record bag playing bookings across a wide range of parties in different scenes. Her love for electronic music blossomed at a very young age, accompanying her mother to free parties and raves in her home country of Ireland. During her career she’s played for pirate radio stations; done shows alongside Ricardo Villalobos in London; supported Dj Stingray; and played next to Objekt in Paris. The list goes on.


Due for release in February this year, Saoirse has returned to her label ‘trUst’ with a second EP: ‘Two Bruised Ego’s’. Leading with new single “Gentle Romance” that dropped December 2021, the news follows on from a busy set of recent announcements, including Saoirse’s January Phonox residency and a debut BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix. Not only this, but 2022 sees the artist as the co-founder and musical director of the debut edition of Body Movements Festival – a celebration of queer bodies in electronic music.


“Gentle Romance” gave us a hint at what to expect from the rest of the EP, highlighting Saoirse’s continued ability to perfectly encapsulate those dancefloor moments.  With this in mind, she selects 10trax that mean something to her: from Bill Evans, to Enya and Björk, in typical genre-spanning style.

"Never Let Me Go" by Bill Evans

"Something to listen to as soon as you get in the door, pause, listen, breathe."


"An ethereal pick-me-up, epic and emotive moments."

"Followed By Angels" by Mathew Jonson

"You can't help but smile when this comes on, hearing it pass through the V&A when me and Shanti played there together was a surreal experience."

"Boadicea" by Enya

"Now you know where The Fugees sample came from x"

"Highly Medicated" by Mara TK

"I play this at the start of every all night long set. every.single.time."

Intension Tragic Revolution

"Some gritty chug straight from Belgium."

"Possibly Maybe (Lucy Mix)" by Björk

"Weird, downtempo sounds with the beautiful voice of Bjork."

"So Many Roads (Atomic Drum Mix)" by Dee Dee Brave ‎

"Daytime festival tackle, show me that sunshine!"

"Mani Dakiwe feat. Aymos" by Karen Nyame KG

"Playing this every set, absolutely goes off, that bassline!"

"Yali Yali" by Altin Gün

"Fun Asian Italo, can't beat it."


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