Ahead of his latest EP, indie-pop riser SEB curates a 10trax playlist for Notion with songs that make him 'feel better'.

LA-based artist SEB has been enthralling listeners ever since first releasing music back in 2020 with his whimsical, lo-fi brand of indie-pop. But it was the release of his mashup with Harry Styles’ “Watermelon Sugar” that went stratospheric, culminating in SEB’s song “seaside_demo” that caught the world’s attention and catapulted SEB into TikTok viral stardom.


Following the release of his debut EP ‘IT’S OKAY WE’RE DREAMING’ in 2021, SEB followed up with part 2 of the EP entitled ‘IT’S OKAY WE’RE DREAMING II: don’t worry, i’ll be fine’ earlier in August. Much like its predecessor – and all of SEB’s music for that matter – SEB’s latest project is genre-defying and all-encapsulating, melding elements of hip-hop, funk, indie, pop and rock. The genesis of the EP mirrors its winding nature – most of the EP was written on a road trip SEB embarked on with his girlfriend last year. Although his latest EP is a continuation of SEB’s debut, part II marks a departure in creative process from SEB’s first EP, which was written completely at home.


Playing on the title of his latest project, SEB selects 10trax for Notion about ‘feeling better’ with tracks from Kid Cudi, Portishead and Blood Orange. From Future to Kanye West to Frank Ocean – dive in below!

"Location" by Playboi Carti

"This song brings me back to 2017. I remember being in the dorms with a bunch of friends and hearing this song for the first time. The atmospheric chords into the little guitar switch-up is so good!"

"The Prayer" by Kid Cudi

"I found this song pretty late, probably in summer 2016. I was already a fan of the song it sampled and I'm a big fan of Kid Cudi. Hearing the two together unexpectedly was amazing."

"It's A Fire" by Portishead

"This song always calms me down. Something about her voice and the rhythm of the song is so soothing."

"Minetta Creek" by Blood Orange

"I had this song on loop when I first played this album. I played it on a spring morning in Brooklyn and I couldn't stop playing it."

"30 Hours" by Kanye West

"I used to ride the Grey Hound from NYC to DC all the time and this song got me through those super late bus rides down the east coast."

"Stay Alive" by Mustafa

"Mustafa's voice is incredible and so are the lyrics of this song. The way he captures emotions makes you really feel it."

"DHL" by Frank Ocean

"Something about this song comes off as so effortless. From the woozy beat to the way Frank is singing/rapping."

"Codeine Crazy" by Future

"This song is a staple of its era. I feel like this introduced a new emotion into that melodic trap sound."

"Crumble" by Kevin Abstract

"I heard this song when I was graduating from college. I love these little synths that play throughout and again such a soothing song."

"GOD" by Kendrick Lamar

"This song feels so somber and celebratory. This was another song that I just had on repeat. The way Kendrick was using his voice on this is really cool too."

Listen to SEB's EP 'IT'S OKAY WE'RE DREAMING II: don't worry i'll be fine' below:


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