Gothenburg based artist sir Was selects his top 10trax with the release of his melodic and emotive new track "No Giving Up".

Basing his sound around loose electronics with arrangements and dashes of his experiences as a Jazz saxophonist, sir Was is truly a unique sound maker.


The best way to probably describe sir Was’ music is non-conforming. Each track he creates weavers between tender and delicate beats with his haunting and chant-like harmonies running throughout. Free of the chains that follow musical genres – sir Was throws in experimental jazz, blues and hip-hop with a minimal yet daring touch.


The latest track, “No Giving Up”, begins the journey of his upcoming album “Holding On To A Dream”. Set out to explore the universal feeling of heartache within relationships when you’re caught between wanting to give up, and when to fight for that person. A tender recollection of his previous relationship, sir Was is set to have a more lush and affectionate sound to accompany this new chapter rather than the lo-fi trademark of his previous work.


“No Giving Up” is a dreamy, groovy and lustrous treat of a record and until the album drops, we are going to have to have this on loop until then.

Check out sir Was' new single and top 10trax below!

"I Love You" by Willie Griffin

"This voice and these lyrics just move me. The same feeling I get when I Here Nina Simone sometimes. Painfully beautiful."

"Mother Beautiful" by Sly and The Family Stone

"It gets me every time. The feeling and the sound of the feeling. I wish I could sing like Mr Sly."

"One Eleven" by J Dilla

"I remember years ago sitting on the tram home from my night shift at the institution for mentally ill people listening to this track over and over..."

"Finsk menuett" by Turid

"Lyrics in Swedish sang by a Swedish singer. It taps into something inside of me that I’m not sure what it is but I like it. Maybe it’s my inner Swede. Whatever that is."

"Little Church" by Miles Davis

"Imagine yourself walking down the street with this track in your ears and suddenly you just loose touch of the ground and you’re flying. I think it’s good soundtrack for that."

"Landlord Elijah" by Pan Amsterdam

"This track came up in my phone when I mounted 20 tables for someone. It resonated in me."

"Friday afternoons, Op. 7 “cuckoo!” by Benjamin Britten

"Cuckoo, Cuckoo, Cuckoo, What do you do? In April I open my bill; In May I sing night and day; In June I change my tune; In July far far I fly; In August Away I must."

"Timeless" by Illa J

"The piano sample, the drum beat, the bass, the singing and the lyrics. Combined, these elements gives me great pleasure."

"What’s going" by Donny Hathaway

"It’s a classic tune and I like this version a lot along with the Marvin Gaye of course. What a song."

"Minas/Paula E Bebeto" by Milton Nascimento

"What can I say ? It cuts through."