Swim Deep are the boys making music for dreamers, lovers and pub jukeboxes.

After their stellar performance on the legendary Glastonbury stage and following The 1975 on the American leg on their tour, it was time for Swim Deep to recharge their batteries in 2017.

Fast forward to 2019 and the British boys are back to hit the airwaves with a fresh take from their teenage tracks that mythologised love, heartbreak and recklessness. Their latest release ‘To Feel Good’ is embroiled with 90s spoken word honouring poetic justice with a spirit of working class heroes. Swim Deep continue their undertone of positivity and look to where the light shines in. The boys are forever romantics at heart which is the thread that ties their collective body of work together over the years.

With their upcoming album, ‘Emerald Classics’ named after an Irish pub in Birmingham where memories of love, booze-ups and break-ups occurred. That’s definitely a hint of what the album’s fresh sound that harkens back to the 90s will entail. After their launch in 2013, Swim Deep were often photographed with flowers through rose-tinted lenses as the newest band in town. Now, more grown up and with more life experiences under their belt. Swim Deep are ready to be the soundtrack for dreamers and pub jukeboxes with their romantic paradoxes and tales of reality.

Before the launch of their much awaited ‘Emerald Classic’ we caught up with the old and new boys of Swim Deep to find out what their top ten tracks are.

Froth by Laurel

"Froth’s new record came out last week, already a favourite. I have been playing Laurel on repeat. Hope they make the trip across the pond, hi Joo Joo!"

Calling It by Automatic

"This is a banger! Their full record is coming out soon, and I very much hope they make the trip across the pond too, hi Halle!"

Small Mercies (Album) by Pixx

"I was playing bass with her for a little while, and I’ve seen this absolutely mental sequencer hook taking its shape. Glad it’s out there now."

Girl Band by Shoulderblades

"When it kicks in, blimey it kicks in."

[Vi-Vi] Vicious Games by Josh Caffe

"I could be wrong but this feels like the most melodic house thing they've ever done, very nice chords etc. Everything from the album so far has been amazing and I read they've got a track with Alan vega on."

Loco by Miss Read

"She's a dancehall MC from Israel, all her stuff is produced by the Bug so it's this mad acid tech dub echo stuff, she also has a track called dagger that was on album from last year, so good!"

Giving Up by Whitney

"hey’re like a stoned Bee Gees. > What I love the most about them is that their music sounds like the American dream to me. Makes me feel like I’m in the film ‘Stand by me’."

Lit by Octavian

"He’s a full on star. He looks great and he sounds even better. Love the natural grit in his tone, and his flow on this track in genius, never heard anything like it."

Fast and Loud by Talk Show

Really dig how much energy this band have in their songs, it feels like it’s part of a big guitar-led post-punk revival at the moment. They’re from South London but the singer Harrison is a manc so he gives them this sort of Echo and the Bunnymen edge which is really cool.